ON OCTOBER 24, 1996 AT 1:33 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.  If the truth be known, there would be no minute in the daytime, in the full daytime, that One of Us would not be available to speak through this little instrument of The Father’s, because mankind is in much need of Sound Direction, because of the Importance of the Soul that is the recipient of every act, every word, every deed, every thought, every intention, that an individual is involved in.

We hear some men, women, and even children make a remark that would be considered unkind, rude, or even crude, and then think about what they had said, and wish they had not said it.  There is so little being instructed on the importance of thinking ‘before’ speaking, thinking ‘before’ acting.  It is difficult for some to tell someone else that they should have thought before they said something or did something, because it is immediately a mark of criticism and causes hard feelings, or even more than that, a separation of friendships or closeness that one time was pleasant and accepted without question.

If everything that was spoken in one day throughout the world would be written for people to read, it wouldn’t be just a story or a novel.  In many ways it would be very difficult to understand how so much desecration to God could be spoken by men, women and children in that period of time.  Individuals do not consider what they say, or the impact it might have on one or more others who hear the words.  So many times these words could be offensive to the point of being judged as ‘mortal sins’, degrading to human nature, decency.

Mankind does not always think of what he or she says.  It is important that there be more, not just tact, but purity in what mankind thinks about, talks about, and shows reactions to.  Daily there are a voluminous amount of acts, words, practices, that obviously cause impure thoughts, impure actions, impure intentions, even diabolical in their very essence.

We hear so many men, women and children making excuses for everything wrong that they practice.  We oftentimes hear it is only normal to act, think this way: ‘I’m a human being.  I have a will of my own.’ What about the Importance of the Soul that is the recipient of all that an individual does?

Since This Miracle was given to the world and so much has been delivered on the Importance of the Soul, and how It is the recipient of all that is said, done by an individual, it is sad to say that there is not much change in how people think, act, or react.  It is as though they never heard about the Soul.

When a subject is brought up regarding the enemy of God and man, either by the name of the devil or satan, it obviously has a feeling in the words, but in many cases, We see the desecration to the Soul does not seem to be connected to the evil that is practiced in many areas of human life, and yet the very same people, in hearing someone use foul language, might be appalled by the words or wording.

This Miracle is as a Bright Light to the minds of mankind, to awaken the reality that exists in a personal way, and/or even throughout the world, and that is to become alert to everything one is involved in, everything one practices morally or immorally, and be aware that just ignoring what is wrong does not make it right, and every act, thought, word and deed reflects in the Soul, no matter what age an individual is, no matter what nationality, no matter what language they speak, no matter what degree of intelligence they have, because God is Everywhere and there’s a Soul in every living human being.  So be it.”

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