ON OCTOBER 25, 1996 AT 1:17 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.  We hear so many request help for a particular necessity in their lives, or for the loss of someone they love or know.

It is important that mankind throughout the world read All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love that I have been requested to speak through, in, and for, at this time in your time.

Mankind many times exaggerates an emotion, a physical impairment, or a personal problem, ignoring that their exaggeration is to get sympathy, recognition, or some sort of help from someone else.

Let us go back to the time a child is born.  Millions of children were born with no one around except the mother or one other individual, and the child grew up to have a vocation in life, whether it was Spiritual or just according to the manner in which the individual lived.

Today The Father has given to the world a Gift of His Divine Love, for all nations throughout the world, for all races, all colors, all creeds, and in each Message there is a Lesson of Direction, Encouragement, informative Information that no other place has the ability to give, regarding the Importance of human life and the Importance of the Goal for which it was created.

When We hear individuals instruct others on how to become ‘a Saint’, We find that many times it is not complete, because the individual instructing omits one of the most important facts that should be spoken about, and that is, that regardless of what direction an individual’s life is pointed to, the most important thing for everyone to remember is to be strong, firm, consistent in obedience to God’s Commandments, and to never allow a day to go by that a sound, logical examination of conscience is not practiced on the moral values, moral standards, that the individual faced that day, based on God’s Commandments.

Mankind is used to making allowances for humanism that automatically makes excuses because of conditions, situations, or the company in which they were compelled to be.  These very same people will many times stand strong on an issue that in content is minor, but they insist on gaining their advantage over others.

We hear mankind say that they are busy in daily chores, responsibilities.  The Father’s Love for mankind gave to mankind Rules that would make man’s life easier, because with Rules such as These are, there can be, or should not be any excuses to not stand firm on all situations one is faced with, as long as one bases all reactions, interpretations, opinions, on God’s Commandments.  These should leave no room for man or woman to be concerned about being different, when following what has been so generously laid out in a complete way, what is right over what is wrong.

Many men, women and children would find human life happier, stronger, and in many ways encouraging, because inwardly every individual has a conscience, an understanding, and a moral code of ethics that they use every day.  I ask one question, and I ask you to ask yourself this: ‘Does my moral code of ethics come up to the standards that God has requested of me in His Commandments?’  So be it.”

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