ON OCTOBER 28, 1996 AT 12:50 PM


“I am Saint Paul of The Cross.  We hear many who hear of This Gift of Divine Love, that The Beloved Saint Joseph is honored by All The Saints Here in Heaven.  Many say, ‘It cannot be true; why would a woman be chosen for such an Ultimate Goal, Purpose, Instruction to the whole world?’

Oftentimes mankind’s opinion is based on human assumption, human determinations, human understandings, human abilities of discernment, human jealousies.  It is important for mankind to read All that We have given and that is yet to come, because there is no place in the world that is dealing with mankind in such a personal, instructive, loving way.

The Father has designed This Gift of His Divine Love in a manner that mankind of any degree of intelligence can understand, can relate to, can learn from.  We hear so many disagreements over This Gift of The Father’s Love, mainly from two categories:  those who have studied theology; and the other group, those who have no foundation of Faith and morals.

The world at this time is like a jigsaw puzzle, due to the fact that there are so many who feel they have the ability to tell others about sound Christianity and sound moral values and moral standards.  There is a lot of egoism in many places throughout the world, dealing with their interpretation of what God is all about, what God looks like, and God’s Manner of Judgment.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love has been designed by Him to touch all degrees of intellect, because of the Importance of the Soul that is within each living human being.  An individual totally uneducated in any field of knowledge of religion, instinctively knows right from wrong, perhaps on the standards in which they live, but there is an innate understanding instinctively in the human mind, human abilities, to accept what is good, what is sound, what is safe.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is a Gift of Divine Origin, Divine Love, and Divine Hope, and when We hear those who have studied books on theology and any form of religious beliefs, it is important that each one understands:  In the lonely hours, they are never alone; in the work hours, when what they call ‘chores’ have to be accomplished, they are never alone; and in the times when they are with others of any age, there is a responsibility that must never be denied, and that is the responsibility that everyone is responsible for, and that is to act purely mentally, physically, because you see, in association with other human beings, each human being is responsible for everything they do, everything they say, and everything that the others with them will be able to relate to, respond to, or to imitate.

I could speak hours on the importance of man’s understanding the responsibilities of human life.  The Best Rules without any doubt are God’s Commandments, and ‘too few’, for a long time, have used These Commandments as the Guidelines for daily life.  So be it.”

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