ON OCTOBER 30, 1996 AT 11:07 AM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

When mankind feels physically hungry he or she immediately knows that it is necessary, if possible, to eat some form of food to nourish the body, to gain strength for their whole being, because this food will also help them mentally in ways that may not appear obvious, but food for the physical is a great asset to human life for many reasons.

Now let us take an Important Portion of mankind that is unseen, never truly felt physically, but is evidenced in the intellect through the moral values and moral standards that an individual uses in many forms during the span of one day.  This Portion of mankind is without understanding, because certain times the morals of the individual do not recognize that within the human being there is Something that cannot be seen, cannot be felt physically, but It has an Important Factor of Meaning on all decisions, on all sensitivities, in everything a human being participates.

We hear some individuals say: ‘I know I’ve been asked to do such and such a thing, but something tells me it is not right.  It has a bad feeling about it.  It goes against my nature.  I do not feel that it will be what it looks like it might be.’ These feelings many times are connected to the Soul of the individual, because the Soul, without being obvious, is so much a Part of human life that It is sometimes referred to as ‘conscience’ and/or ‘instinct’, and/or the ‘discernment’ of a particular subject that looks ordinary, looks like human opinion only.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love has been handed to the world mainly to make mankind understand that each human life is Important, and bears within it a Portion of God that is to be returned to Him at a given time.  This is called ‘Sainthood for the Soul’, because if human life had no Goal, what difference would it make to mankind if a decision of any kind was moral or immoral?  Please, I beseech you, think about this.  So be it.”

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