ON NOVEMBER 6, 1996 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

So many who have studied theology find it difficult to believe, to fathom, to understand that The Father would give to the world, at this time, a Miracle of such Great Dimension, mentally and spiritually.

In so many ways, so many areas, mankind finds it easier to discount what God would do, or why He would do it, because you see, God is Above all human life, and mankind has a tendency to relate God to human thinking, human values, human intentions, even to human abilities.

This Miracle of Divine Love is a Gift beyond what any human being can describe It to be, can determine Its Value, Its Greatness, because mankind is limited in so many areas of intellect and understanding of The Divine.  When This Miracle of Divine Love was first Announced, there were some who listened to It that innately knew It was not human thinking, because of the Power that radiated throughout the room, but in so many cases, when they were away from this little one through whom We All speak, their Faith weakened, and sometimes even withered.

For such a long time, The Father has Blessed mankind with a consistent and constant delivery Himself, or through Many Saints, so that mankind would get used to learning What The Father Willed them to know regarding the Soul that each human life has instilled at the moment of conception.

No living human being has the in-depth knowledge or clarity in Association with The Divine, to be able to dictate so clearly, so many logical, personal associations that man has with God, that man has that mankind cannot see, but they are evident in man’s personal feelings about the sensitivity of knowing there is a Greater Source, Force, Being, that holds all things in the proper order, and also has to have the Intellectual Advantage that human life does not have, because This Advantage supersedes all human intellect.

So much has been instructed through This Gift of Divine Love, and so much more is to come, but mankind must understand that they have innately been given a conscience that tells them what is pure, what is impure, what is just, what is unjust, what is moral, what is immoral.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of Divine Love, and those who deny Its existence will find themselves struggling at different times to find what they are missing in their life, their thinking, their values, their goals.  What has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, has been delivered in degrees that mankind is capable of handling mentally, emotionally, physically, because so much Direction has been spread out over several years, because of the different degrees of Faith in God, different beliefs in human life, different degrees of intelligence, different degrees of moral values and moral standards.

If Everything had been delivered in a shorter length of time and all at once, it would be beyond what mankind could mentally, emotionally handle.  When We say mankind has been Blessed, it is more than what you know a Blessing to be, because Personal Communication has been so continuous, so clearly stated, that in man’s terms, mankind has been ‘spoon-fed’ the Importance of human life, and what a Precious Gift it is, based on Divine Love.”

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