ON NOVEMBER 7, 1996 AT 11:00 AM


“I am Saint Christopher.  It is important that mankind remember All Saints, because Each Saint is constantly available to hear every request, every prayer, every emotion, every concern of any individual who takes the time to pray.

Children are not being taught the importance of communication that prayer is to God, to Our Heavenly Mother, to All The Saints.  The availability is spontaneous even though it appears one-sided, one-way, one direction.

We hear many shouting their interpretations on the Bible, but most who read the Bible interpret it according to their own dimension of understanding the conciseness in which these Words are written.

Down through time, mankind has depended upon those who studied theology, or I should say, the interpretation of theology, to instruct others on the definitions that would help individuals be more able to relate to the meaning, the directions, the goals that were intended for mankind to seek, to understand.

The world is in many ways chaos, because of the lack of sound logical interpretations of the Importance of the Connection between human life and The Divine.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph has in so many ways enlightened mankind on the Importance of the closeness man has to God through the Soul.  This Statement is of Great Importance, because there is no other place in the world instructing so precisely, concisely, the full measure of man’s Association with God, and in many cases of so-called ‘religious practices’, humanism is the foundation that is what is instructed on.  Humanism in itself is what human life consists of:  the mental, the physical, human practices, human needs, human relationships.

The Father, through the Soul of mankind, is what has given mankind the knowledge that God Exists, and that there is a right and a wrong, a purity and an impurity, and mankind must make decisions in choosing what is best for the Soul, the physical, the mental, and the Spiritual Goal for which man was created.

These Words are to be passed to millions of men, women and children, because of the logic, practicality, necessity, to all areas of life that mankind lives with every day and night.  So be it.”

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