ON NOVEMBER 7, 1996 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

The world of mankind must receive All that Heaven has delivered through one voice, one small individual, one obvious acting in obedience, because no human being, whether they be aggressive or spiritually associated to an organization, could speak so intelligently, informatively, on the Purpose for human life.

The Father has requested that as We speak through this little one, We speak with a clarity so that all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of Faith in Him, would be able to understand the meaning of the Content that would be delivered by All The Saints to man.

We look at what man terms ‘a professional storyteller’, an individual who feels inclined to entertain, to instruct, and to encourage men, women and children of all ages on an opinion, on a direction for their life, or just what man calls ‘storytelling’, because it is pleasing to individual natures, personalities.

This Miracle of Divine Love The Father has designed, is of a Degree and of a Purpose beyond what mankind, on his or her own intelligence or background, could put as Each One from Here has put the Importance of human life, the Reason for which The Father gave This to the world, because no human being understands what the Soul is to man, and for some who feel they understand when they hear It is a Portion of God, it is beyond their comprehension or their ability to associate this Closeness, this Gift of Divine Love, this Precious Portion of life that should be not just held in high esteem, but every human being should be conscious of the Closeness they have with The Divine.

When We hear some so-called ‘learned’ men and women read What has been delivered thus far, We find some searching for errors, contradictions, implications, that in some way would scar the subject matter, and then We hear the opposite; some saying: ‘At last it is being explained thoroughly, clearly, and in simple terms, what I feel inside of me, what I have wondered about, because I feel a necessity in me to love God, and that it is important for me to be morally good and to want fairness from everyone I know, plus justice from those who in some ways speak against me.’

This Gift The Father has given to the world is beyond any gift mankind could give to another man.  Only God could give so much Direction, so much Information, so much Personal Love, sharing with him a Portion of Him indescribable, but in His Love the Word He speaks of, calling It ‘the Soul’, makes it simple to understand, and gives to those who believe, security.

The word ‘Soul’ to mankind has different meanings, but the word ‘Soul’ in connection to God is the Portion of human life that gives a mental, physical and Spiritual strength, because in It there is support in every facet of thinking, of working, and even in the pleasures, because in the pleasures God designed, there is purpose.

Mankind has been handed a Gift beyond any gift imaginable, and This Gift is the Personal Contact man now has through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.

For some, when they hear ‘Saint Joseph’, they associate the human part of His Life in an ordinary perception, but there are so many Facts that have never been written about the Magnitude for which His Presence amongst mankind meant.  The world is now being instructed, and it is time that the so-called ‘learned’ men and women respond to reality and cast aside theory, because theory many times has many, many, many loose ends and identifiable associations.  So be it.”

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