ON NOVEMBER 8, 1996 AT 12:36 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  There is no moment in the day or night that We are not present where This Gift of The Father’s has been given at a Special Time, for Important Reasons, because of the needs of all mankind throughout the world, as Each of Us speak Words of Direction, of Instruction, of Consideration, because of the Soul that is within each living human being.

There has never been so much Instruction on the Soul since the time of Christ.  When He taught about the Soul it was obvious to everyone present that human life was Special, and that in each human life there was a consciousness of what was right, what was wrong, what was truth, what was untruth, what was moral, and what was immoral.

Because of the way mankind lived in time past, the accent on the Importance of the Soul was put in the terminology of that day, and that mankind knew that through the Instructions of Christ, that life had an Important Goal and that each life had Purpose, Reason, and The Father was The Giver of this life, and wanted it returned to Him by way of the Soul.

In man’s thinking, a gift is many times automatically loved by the receiver because of the intent of the giver, the attention that the gift gave, bringing the individuals closer together.  When the Soul is placed at the moment of conception, only God has this Power, and each child born to the world has this Gift of Closeness to God that nothing else has.

The Soul has many Purposes.  It many times registers in the conscience, in the physical abilities, in the mental abilities, and even at times when everything is quiet and there are no decisions to be made, the Soul opens the mind of an individual to think in many areas of life, about many things.  The Soul is closely connected to the mind, because through the mind is how human beings act or react, purely or impurely, even though the physical portion of the individual is the part that is participating in the action.

Children are not being taught the Importance of being human and what a Divine Gift of Love this is.  When God put upon the earth a Son, this was an Important Statement for mankind for all time.  Granted, This Birth of a Human Being had many Reasons, but it also had a Specific Association with all other human life, and mankind must understand that This was an Ultimate Gift of Divine Love in so many ways, for so many reasons that are yet applicable to mankind.

No matter what part of the world an individual is born, raised, or reaches adulthood, working, raising a family, and living in the manner that The Holy Family lived, God, in His Love for His human design, thought of everything, and that is why The Holy Family should never be forgotten, and should always be reminded to those who do not act as though This Occurrence of Great Dignity, Presence, and Life occurred.

Mankind talks about human love, oftentimes ignoring that all things derived from Divine Love; also, that all human life has within it not just a symbol of God’s Love, but a Living Portion of His Love, called ‘a Soul’, and that this Soul reflects every thought, word, deed, action, intention, that an individual practices in daily life.  So be it.”

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