ON NOVEMBER 18, 1996 AT 3:35 PM


“I am Saint Joachim.

Too few are reading Bible History and interpreting it in the full dimension of its meaning.  Mankind has a way of diminishing what he or she does not fully agree with, or understand in its correct concept.

So long ago, when Important Stories, Directions, had to be translated into different languages or English, many times the interpretations were not fully discerned by the individual or individuals who were in charge of this project.

Today in your time, as so Many of Us speak, instructing mankind on the Importance of human life and the Treasure that The Father has instilled in it, called ‘the Soul’, mankind ignores the Magnitude of This Statement, because mankind cannot conceive The Father handing to mere man such a Precious Portion of Himself.

Humanism is based on the degree that human minds, intentions, understandings, capabilities, are capable of, but when a Miracle of This Magnitude is presented to the world, because of Its Important Content that is over and above what mankind is used to hearing, learning, or taught to understand, is oftentimes rejected, and this is a sadness, because What passes through a Miracle of This Dimension is totally God-given, God-allowed, to aid mankind in better understanding that human life is unlike all other living things, and human life is truly made to the Image and Likeness of God:  intellect, understanding, abilities, and of course, the ability to create another human being that is the custodian of a Soul that is a Portion of God, with the Goal to one day be returned to Him, a Saint for All Time.

We hear some argue this Point and say: ‘What does it mean to become “a Saint”?  Wouldn’t I be born a Saint if that’s what God wanted me to be?’ The Creation of human life is a Gift beyond what mankind can understand, the Most Precious Gift God can give to man, because logic should say to mankind:  Wouldn’t there be a Special Meaning to human life, because God instills within it a Portion of Himself, making human life beyond any other creation, giving individuals the opportunity to reach for a Higher Goal than any other living thing, and this Goal being to be constantly in the Company of God, and All Other Divine Things for All Time?

Time is an important issue to mankind.  He or she places much emphasis on time.  Then, would not logic say to mankind that to return the Soul to God for All Time would be the Greatest Gift mankind could achieve, to be a Portion of the Existence, in the Presence constantly of The Holy Trinity?”

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