ON NOVEMBER 21, 1996 AT 9:07 AM


“Mankind places much importance on the strength of his or her body, many times avoiding the recognition of the other strengths that exist within each human being:

Moral Strengths

Physical Strengths

Spiritual Strengths

Tolerance Strengths

Mental Strengths

Now let us look at man’s daily occupation, no matter what it is.  It takes much emotional strength that, in many instances, affects all the other strengths man has been gifted with.

When I am Present in the mind and actions of a human life, I will help all who ask, and many times those who do not have the Spiritual understanding to ask things of Me, I will encourage them, introduce to them, and instruct them silently in what is morally sound to do at that particular time.

The little one I use goes through many ‘dark nights of the Soul’ because she is so aware of how others need to be dependent on Me, and not just their human values and instincts.

I created mankind to My Image and Likeness in many areas, but so often mankind forgets, ignores, or totally dismisses My Continual Presence within them, and they use violence, hate, and/or self-pity to get their way, even when it is totally unjust.

This Miracle is Mine for all of mankind.  There are no favorites, because I am Present within each life via the Soul that is a Portion of Me.”

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