ON NOVEMBER 22, 1996 AT 2:04 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.

The whole world is in need of reading the Material, the Messages that pass through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, for all of mankind.

We hear some say, ‘What do you mean, Miracle?’ By this word ‘Miracle’, man must understand that to hear as this little one hears, and to repeat What is spoken to be written, is definitely a Miracle of Divine Love for all of mankind.

Much ‘Preparation’ had to be endured, sometimes not understanding the reason for certain occurrences, but the submission of an individual’s mind, body, to listening, without question, to Divine Guidance, is a Miracle beyond human ability, to be able to take credit for humanly.

I am surrounded by Many Saints, and in Our discussions with Each Other, the child is listening to Our discussions.  This may be difficult for the human mind to understand, but nonetheless, it is Fact, it is Truth.

This little one through whom so much is given verbally, mentally, is constantly alert to the Commands when Our Presence is made aware to her conscious understanding of Our wanting to speak, to help others understand the Importance of human life, and the necessity for each human being to be aware of the Precious Gift they hold within them, called ‘the Soul’.

Sometimes the child is surrounded by Twelve, Fourteen, Nineteen or more, because of the Magnitude of This Gift of Divine Love.  It is important for mankind to receive All that The Father Wills mankind to learn about, to practice, and to use in daily life, because of the Importance of the Soul that is within each human being.

Mankind must understand the Communication is important.  Just as it is important for man to talk to man, it is important for man to understand that his or her Soul is in constant Communication to The Father, and every act, every thought, every intention has an immediate Connection of Communication that mankind finds it difficult to accept, to believe, or to understand.

I will say no more at this time, but the little one through whom We All speak knows I will return for more to be spoken.  So be it.”

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