ON JANUARY 4, 1997 AT 9:35 AM


“The enemy of Mine and man’s refuses to accept the Magnitude of This Miracle as an Archenemy to him, because throughout the world he is not just encouraging men, women and children to act and follow all that is against Me, but deliberately using all sources and forces to encourage mankind of all degrees of intelligence to be unjust, uncaring, and follow what pleases their deepest feelings of impure thoughts, words and actions, because he is after their Souls that are subjected to what the human side acts in and for.

This Miracle is a Miracle of My Love and My Direction.  I will not allow It to be cast aside as so many are doing.  It must become a Prominent Figure of Instruction to awaken mankind before many are lost to the evil enemy that is jealous of all that is good, pure, and dedicated to Me.

The world of mankind is in turmoil because of so much evil that mankind is becoming accustomed to in high places of positions.

There are many men, even women, who at one time used purity as their way of thinking, acting, living, but they have succumbed to the enticement of a so-called ‘freethinking’ acting, attitude, and way of life.

This Miracle is not designed by this little one I use.  It is Mine and I am in Full Control.”

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