ON JANUARY 13, 1997 AT 3:30 PM


“I am God The Father.  I have given to mankind a Blessing of Mine.  By This Blessing, I mean that I deliver Personally, Directly, through a small voice, My Love to mankind.  All I have thus far given is to make mankind aware of My Presence, My Love, and the Importance mankind is to Me, the Love I have for it, because as I have said, I designed mankind to be the custodian of a Portion of Me.  It is called ‘a Soul’.

I hear many learned men and women discussing What I deliver through This Gift of Mine.  I hear doubts, I hear anger, I hear jealousy in a form that displeases Me.  I sent a Portion of Me to the earth a long time ago.  He was called ‘The Son of God’.  Down through time millions have believed in This Gift of Mine, This Love I shared with mankind.

I have at other times given to mankind certain Messages to enlighten them, to encourage them, to more fully understand that human life is Special, it is Important, it has a Goal beyond what human life can fully understand.

Think about this:  In some of My Creations, I created them for reasons that were to give life, strength, food, to help the human life that bears a Portion of Me, the Soul.  Most things I have created need a substance to gain strength from; some may call it ‘food’.  Everything I have created has reason, purpose.

Mankind, the human life that I hold so dear is Special, because I give each human life abilities, encouragement, understanding, degrees of intelligence, so that each one will feel that they were created for a Reason, a Purpose by Me, and if they were created by Me, then they are a Special Creation to My Image and Likeness.  I hear some say, ‘God does not look like a man.’ This is true, but My Love for mankind sent to the earth a Portion of Myself, called ‘The Son of God’, so that mankind could relate more closely to What I Am, Who I Am, and that My Love is within mankind by way of the Soul, a Portion of Me that I desire all of mankind to return to Me in a State of Purity.

Since the beginning of Creation, mankind has developed in stages.  Today as I speak through a small one in the world, mankind must understand that I use a voice so that mankind can feel the Association, a Connection, allowing What I am saying to give Strength, Hope, Understanding, Instruction, Direction, for mankind to be able to follow in a logical way, and understand morally, mentally, that they are closely connected to Me through the Soul that must return to Me one day.

It is sad to say that some men, women and even children find being so closely associated with Me is difficult, because they are limited in their actions, thoughts, mentalities.  It is important that This Miracle of Mine alert mankind to what a Precious Gift human life is, the Importance of it, the Reason for it, and that it is a Gift of My Divine Love that I share so much with every human being.

I share intellect, understanding, motivation, interest, others’ lives.  I share Love that I share with no other living thing.  I share the Goal for which I created human life, and that is to return the Soul, a Portion of Me, at the time I request it to be done.  I want mankind to see what a Great Gift of Divine Love human life is, and how this can be used in so many ways for happiness, joy, and time to practice all that is good, so that when the Soul is returned to Me, the Soul will respond openly as representing the individual in whom I placed It at the moment of conception.

My Love is Boundless, Endless, and no one is aware of All I Am, What I Am, but mankind has been given so much to be able to relate to Me, the Importance of human life and the Goal for which I created it.  I add one thing:  I, your Father, your Creator, enjoy all communication you take time to have with Me.”

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