ON JANUARY 17, 1997 AT 12:48 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

When The Son of The Father walked the earth, He was not immediately recognized for Who He was, or was He accepted by many.  When He began to teach as a young man, some came to hear Him out of curiosity, others were totally dismayed by What He said, how He said it.

As He gathered more and more, listening to the Lessons pour forth that related to their lives, the Purpose for their lives, and the Goal for which they were born, many found it difficult to believe, to accept, and yet, within them they said: ‘It is not a normal way of life as I know normal to be, but what makes Him different?  I hear what He says as Wisdom, not just speech.  I see the Countenance on His Face, the behavior of His Actions, the mood of His Intentions, and all these things make me separate Him from all other men.’

Today The Father has chosen another Time such as This, a Time of Instruction, making, encouraging mankind to be aware of the Importance that human life is and has; also, that human life has a dignity beyond all other creations, a sense of judgment, but also an in-depth understanding that to have all these qualities is evidenced by These Words:  that mankind will face a Judgment.  The Judgment will obviously be Just, and have a definite reason for it, because Judgment says there is a right and a wrong to be looked at indepthly, and that Judgment says there will be a definite purpose in mind, also an active Judgment that mankind must see as the result of his or her moral values, moral standards, and belief in a Higher Authority.

If there were no Higher Authority to be responsible to, mankind would have no reason to be just, honest, sincere, because there would be no Goal to human life, no Reason to use reason on all subjects, all decisions, all areas.

The Father Blessed mankind many times down through time with Specific Events, and with Specific Individuals Who were given the Responsibilities necessary to be able to hand to others the Importance of human life, and how closely it was associated with The Father; also, His Love for it, and the Goal for which He would one day Judge every individual because of the Soul that is within each human life as a Portion of Him.

Many times We hear man say to another one, ‘God bless you.’ It is a happiness to Us when We hear this, because even though it is said in the form of a habit, it is an open statement of belief that registers to everyone who hears it.  It creates a link of recognition, a link of commitment, and a link that reminds each one who hears it that God is present, and God hears every word every individual says, practices.

It is important for mankind to read All that has passed through This Special Gift, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, because in reading, it registers in the human mind the importance of a subject.  And that is why it is important for mankind to eliminate all that is evil, impure, immoral in whatever they read, because reading a subject leaves an indelible mark, just as hearing it spoken leaves an indelible mark.

It is important that mankind never reject what is logical, beneficial, for the purity of their mind, their body, because of the Soul that is within each human life that belongs to The Father, because It is a Portion of Him.”

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