ON JANUARY 28, 1997 AT 12:40 PM


“Who Am I?

What Am I?

I Am an Indescribable Entity of Power, Knowledge, Love, Hope, Direction.

I Am The Creator of All Things.

I Am The Builder of All that I Will to share with mankind.

Mankind was created by Me.  I gave an intellect, senses, and an understanding that human life was created to one day share a Place with Me Above and Beyond what they can imagine, and/or mentally determine, and/or understand in the Greatness It is and how close It is to Me in so many areas, that mankind through his or her Soul will live with Me in a Manner, Degree and Way, that at this time mankind does not have the mental or physical ability to perceive.

I desire men, women and children of all races, colors and creeds to use what is pure, what is sound, what is logical, and practice it in all walks of life, in all ages of human life, because each individual I allow to be born has the Gift of My Divine Love to cling to, to be protected by, and to one day be represented Here with Me, and that is the Soul I placed at the moment of conception.”

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