ON FEBRUARY 13, 1997 AT 2:35 PM


“I am Saint Barbara.

The Father has granted a Great Gift to the whole world of mankind, a Gift of Instruction, a Gift of Promise, a Gift of Love.  There is no place throughout the whole world that so much Personal Love is dictated at this time.

When This Gift of The Father’s began a long time ago according to man’s years, It was to give to mankind a Personal Association, understanding of how The Father loves mankind, and in This Love He was ready to give much Direction, much Information.

When mankind hears of something being a Revelation, he or she automatically sees what is going to be done as being out of the ordinary, being something that would have to be understood by highly intellectual minds, because the word ‘Revelation’ sometimes, to some people, would refer to a Great Event beyond human comprehension, allowing only a certain group, type, to understand It.  This Gift of The Father’s has instructed mankind in such simple language, the Importance of human life, and the Goal for which He created it.

It is true, you live in a time wherein much immorality takes place in all age groups, and you live in a time where The Commandments of The Father are not just ignored, but never spoken about, never considered.  This Gift of so much Instruction must be passed throughout the world to all races, all creeds of human life.

We hear so many who hear about This Gift immediately deny It, and say that a Happening like This is not possible.  First of all, It is too simple in Content, and it is not possible for so Many of Us to speak.  They insist that if The Father gives to the world a Gift of This Dimension, and for such an Important Purpose, it would be on one subject, one area of man’s life, and not cover so many areas in depth.

The Purpose of This Specific Gift, This Special Gift of The Father’s Love, was to give all personalities, all natures, all degrees of intellect, Information, Instruction that would encourage them to see the Value of human life, the Importance of human life, and the Goal for which it was created.

We see children in all places throughout the world, not learning about what their life is to accomplish morally, spiritually and physically.  We hear so much emphasis on education, but in many areas the education is directed to subject matter that never mentions the Importance of the Soul that every human being is responsible for, and responsible to.

The world is in moral chaos and it is getting worse than ever before, because during the times in past History mankind was adapted to the period of time in which they lived, and their knowledge was according to what was important at that time.  This time in which you live there are very few restrictions on what should not be learned, because in reality the world has opened up, mankind has integrated physically, emotionally, verbally, psychologically, medically, educationally.

So as We look at the world of mankind now, mankind is not isolated in sections allowing only heritage to be the point of acceptance, but as We see mankind integrated throughout the world, it is important that mankind understand that sound moral values, sound moral standards, must be based on God’s Commandments in Their fullest degree, because of the Souls that are accountable to The Father for the lives of those in whom They were placed at the moment of conception.

Because of the major integration, heritage is also an important issue, but each heritage is, at this time, joined in many ways, and the Goal for all of mankind must be more solidly understandable, that no matter what race, what color, mankind is equal in the Importance of reaching for Sainthood.

What I have just spoken is of Great Importance, because It has been given with a deep Love and Understanding, that as the world has become so one, mankind must understand that this places much Importance on the Goal for which human life was intended to reach.”

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