ON FEBRUARY 14, 1997 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  It is important that the world be saturated with What The Father has delivered, and allowed Others of Us Here to deliver to mankind for the benefit of Souls that, without Our Words, many Souls could become lost to the enemy of God and man.

Never allow rejection to stop the progress of All Words from Here to travel throughout the world, because Our Words are not just Words of Comfort, but Words of Sound Direction because of the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it was created.

We see so many small children, not neglected materially, but neglected regarding their understanding of the Importance of human life, and the Goal for which it was created.  We hear all ages shout to others to accomplish winning at all kinds of games, sports.  We should be hearing much encouragement for children to understand the Importance of life, what a Treasure it is, and that it has a Goal beyond any goal that mankind can achieve in the physical form.

We hear much discussion on sportsmanship, and the different degrees in which individuals are capable of.  This Miracle of Divine Love was designed by The Father to instruct mankind of all ages on the Importance of human life and the Goal for which it was designed, and that is Sainthood.

Mankind in many religious circles has never been instructed in such a Personal Way, in such a Full Dimension of Meaning as ‘this time’ in which you live is being done, through What is Titled, ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.

So much has been written by many men, and some women, regarding the challenges of life, the goals for life, but nothing has ever been written in the Degree that This Gift of Divine Love, that was given to mankind many years back, enlightening mankind on the Goal for which human life was created.

So many times We hear different individuals saying prayers.  There is no concentration on the meaning of what they are saying, because in the memorization the words have lost the meaning; consequently, prayer is like a duty, rather than taking the time in a personal way, to say things that are personal at that time.

Mankind must understand that a formal prayer designed by someone else is good, is necessary, but mankind must understand that every individual has a different association with God, a different degree of understanding.  So many times just talking to God is a prayer that is personal, and the individual can be sure that God hears the prayer; also, Anyone Else Here Who is addressed on a subject, a need, hears Their Name and They, too, are ready to respond in a manner that is best at that time for the individual who is taking One of Us in their confidence, and trusting that We are available at any time.

Much Divine Love is in This Message, because God has allowed It to be given.  So be it.”

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