ON FEBRUARY 18, 1997


“I use a small voice to deliver the Words that are not just words, but They are Words of Direction, of Love, Compassion, Hope, Words for mankind to read and then practice.

I give to mankind a Gift of Divine Love.  I give to mankind the Way to live a life that is pure, that is sound, and that will be the best example for others to find the Beauty in life, the Hope in human life, and the Love I have for it.

I am your Heavenly Father.  Man says I would not speak.  I say, ‘I do, repeatedly, through this small voice who stands in the world obedient to My Commands at all times.’

Even though it is difficult for men who have learned many things from books, and feel they have the vocation of life to follow in the Footsteps of My Son, they are forgetting one thing:  they should look first to the manner in which they think, they act, they instruct, and they develop what I want mankind to understand.

Mankind must understand that human life is a Special Creation of Mine, because within it I placed a Portion of Myself.  It is sad when I hear some men, women, and even children say: ‘This cannot be.  Why would The Father give a Portion of Himself to me or to anyone else, when we are weak, we are sinful, we are human?’

It is important for mankind to understand This Gift of My Divine Love is because of the Soul I placed within at the moment of conception, the Soul that is a Portion of Me, unseen, and the only time It will be felt totally is at the time your heart no longer beats in the human way, because you see, then My Soul will become evident, and My Love for you, you will see.  So be it.”

“He said to tell you that while He spoke All the Apostles stood by, Those Who walked with The Son, and said that They would help you every way They could, to understand, when you’re in need, when you’re hurt, when there is a problem that you feel you cannot solve, because They, too, walked the human role, and They understand what it is to live in the life of man.

There is always hope.  Remember this, and remember to not despair, because despair is the playground for the enemy who is always evident there.

And that is why This Miracle was given to the world, to encourage mankind to think of hope, because through hope there is Light, and where there is Light the Soul works best, moves faster, and uses the Light to help you think more clearly, more purely, in all decisions you will make.”

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