ON FEBRUARY 19, 1997 AT 11:56 AM


“I have given mankind a Blessing.  This Blessing can be summed up thusly:  It is a Blessing of Instruction based on Truths, Direction, because men, women and children throughout the world are practicing impurities that please only the enemy.

In the time now, that This Gift of Mine is so logically delivering to mankind Important Measures, Values, Truths, mankind must see the Value in Each of Them.

I have delivered My Words on many subjects, in many ways, always instructing mankind on the Importance of That Portion of Me that I instilled in mankind at a particular time for a Great Reason.

Man has been created by Me, to share with Me the Beauty of All that is Here Where I Am.

I watch men, women and children instinctively be attracted to beautiful things.  Many of these things are material, physical, and of course, things that, what man terms ‘earthly’.

I have given to mankind many Signs down through time, of the Importance of human life.  Why would I hand to a creation so much Love, if I did not want that Creation of Mine to be Special, and to have a Goal Greater than any goal that mankind can reach on earth?

It is instinctive in mankind to want what is right, what is good, what is beautiful, what is special, what is important.  There is no greater thing or place than the One I have waiting for the Souls of mankind, and that is why it is so important that men, women and children recognize and strive for purity of the mind, the body, so that the Soul will represent them as an individual when It is returned to Me at a given time.

I hear mankind, all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of Spiritual Faith, not fully understand what a Gift awaits the Soul, because they say they cannot see It, and if It were real they would feel It.

Let Me put it in this category:  Do you feel a thought or do you think it?  Do you recognize an idea through your mind, or do you have to feel it is something you must see?

Now let Me say it this way:  Prayer is important, because in prayer you do not have to say just formal prayers; you can talk to Me directly through your Soul.  I am available every moment of every day.  There is no time I am not available to you.  There is no place you can be that you are not available to Me, and I add to this:  there is no love for you greater than My Love for you, because I created you and within you I instilled a Portion of Me.

Remember My Words, and when you are tempted to put a scar on this Soul, remember the scar must be erased immediately.  So be it.”

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