ON FEBRUARY 19, 1997 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  The Father has requested that mankind receive the following Message:

Allow no denial of This Gift of His Divine Love to stop or eliminate What has been delivered through This Gift, and for All that will be delivered, because It is His Divine Love for mankind that should supersede anything that mankind would speak out and say All that has been talked about, spoken, is erroneous.

It is sad when All of Us Here see a Gift of such Magnitude, so much Divine Love, be rejected and be claimed by some that It cannot be true.  This very statement is the enemy’s defiance, and desire to encourage mankind to ignore What is spoken, because through This Gift of The Father’s Love there has never been so much Personal Direction, Instruction given since the time The Son of God walked the earth.

Enemies abound where This Gift is concerned, because so much Truth, Direction has been encouraged for mankind to become aware of That Portion within each one, called ‘a Soul’.

We hear men and women say, ‘It is difficult to believe that so much could be delivered through one person by so Many Saints.’ What they should be saying is: ‘The Importance of All These Messages should travel throughout the world, because of the Importance of Each One that so boldly speaks out against all the things that could be harmful to a Soul or several Souls.’

We hear mankind say: ‘How can I have a Soul?  I cannot feel It.  I cannot see It.  I do not recognize anything in anyone else that is different.  So what is the Soul like?  What does It consist of?’

As one innately understands that mankind is incapable of creating the universe, and that mankind is limited in so many areas of knowledge, of practice, of understanding, then should not a rational understanding be suitable to believing that there has to be a Supreme Being, and there has to be a Reason for all that is created, and there has to be logic in the abilities that mankind is capable of?  Granted, some individuals have more types of ability to produce certain things, to act certain ways, and to be superior in knowledge on certain subjects.

So much Love has passed through This Miracle:  Personal, Direct, Instructive, God’s Love, for this creation of His must understand that human life is Special and has a Goal that is different than all other life.

Mankind has been instructed much on the fact that there is a Creator of All Things, and This Creator is The Judge of every life, and there is a Goal for the Soul of every human being.

Volumes could be written on this subject, more than mankind could ever read, so The Father, through this small voice, small child, has in so many ways allowed Many of The Saints to be Part of This Great Miracle of Instruction, of Love of The Father’s, that has given to mankind Hope, Direction, that nothing else, no one else could have done in such a Complete Manner, Degree or Way.  So be it.”

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