ON FEBRUARY 26, 1997 AT 12:46 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.

Mankind cries for mercy, for help, for direction, for the correct answers to important questions.  Many times he or she directs the request to an Individual Saint, or to God Himself.  The requests are heard immediately, and mankind sometimes wonders, when there is no immediate help or answer, if Anyone heard the plea.  This is important for men, women and children of all ages to understand, that all prayers are heard, and sometimes when they are answered, it is in a manner, a degree and way that appears normal, natural.  God acts this way.

At times mankind asks for a sign that God Exists.  All any individual has to do is feel the beat of their heart and recognize that no human being created mankind, and that every living human being is created by The Divine.

For thousands of years, when children, before they were born, were aborted because of different situations, different ideas, different degrees of understanding, and this is always a sadness and always was, because human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and human life has a Goal Divinely Oriented.  Mankind must understand that the enemy of God and man many times uses the weaknesses of an individual, or individuals, to act against God’s Commandments.

They do not see it as such a major factor, but it is against God’s Laws to take the life of any human being.  Right now as I speak, these things are occurring, and there will be a mark left unseen, but it will be recorded because of the Soul that was in the abortion, the killing of a human life, that should not have been.

No man, woman or child knows the destiny The Father has planned for a child conceived and has yet to be born.  God’s Plan for each individual born is to return to Him for All Time.  Man says: ‘What do You mean by all time?  How long is all time?’ It is sad to hear these remarks, because so many times mankind puts all human ideas, intentions and answers in a category, in the dimension in which mankind thinks.

Today as I speak, there are children who are being killed because of the personal reasons by individuals who have no concept of the Importance of human life, other than what they feel is important to them.

Mankind says, ‘I love You, God,’ but does this individual know that the Greatest Love mankind can receive is the Love of having been born?  because through this, the Soul will return to God Forever.  So be it.”

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