ON FEBRUARY 27, 1997 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

It is difficult for many to understand that human life was created for a Higher Goal of living.  Mankind oftentimes instinctively reaches for success, for greater values in life, material values.  Why then is it so difficult for so many to not see that this instinct in human life is innate, and is in many ways because mankind, in this Creation of The Father’s, has instilled in them the desire, the hope to reach goals, whether these goals be physical or monetary?

When a child is born, those who are in charge talk to the child and help the child learn to walk, learn words, learn to do things for himself or herself.  Then, why does not mankind understand, instinctively understand, that human life has a Goal and this Goal is Greater than what human life represents?

The Father has given to mankind a Miracle of Instruction that allows mankind to instinctively feel the Importance of human life, and that it is Special in ways other than what it experiences in the human role, in the role of human life.

Mankind reaches for success, monetary, and to become known throughout the world.  Some reach for success just to have accomplishments, personal, without any applause or recognition.  It is innate in mankind to not want to fail, and yet sometimes to become so complacent with no progress, that he or she accepts what they call their ‘luck’, their ‘situation’, that seems to be stagnant in so many ways.

Every human being is born with a Soul, and that Soul, as a Portion of The Creator of All Things, wants that individual to return the Soul to God in a way, in a degree, greater than what human life is like or stands for.  Morality is a part of human life, sincerity; also, the intellect of mankind has a superior status.  Some reach for higher learning, grammatically, mathematically, and this is endless in its directions.

Today as I speak, I want mankind to understand that human life has a Goal, and the Goal, of course, is Sainthood.  Why this is so difficult for some to understand, when all through life they have challenges and goals; why would God not have a Goal for this Special Creation of His?

Mankind should realize that human life is Special because of the Soul, and that everything a human being does, thinks, practices, is involved in, reflects in the life of the Soul.  Now, the Soul can be considered a Light because It is a Portion of The Father, and when an individual commits a sin against one of The Commandments, the Light dims, and the Soul immediately pleads to The Father in a way that cannot be heard by the individual in whom It is.

The greatest victim to an individual’s thinking, acting, is the Soul, because It is a Living Portion of God within each human life.  Children are not being instructed on this Gift of Divine Love, this logical explanation for Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.  What reason would there be to even think of Heaven, to think of Purgatory, or to be fearful of Hell?

It is through one’s Soul that all this passes through the intellect to the human being, and yet it is ignored in so many ways, so many times.  It is time, through This Miracle of Divine Love, that mankind not just be instructed on the Importance of human life, but to see for himself or herself that The Father created human life, placing within it a Portion of Himself, so that human life would be like no other living thing, and it would have a Goal to reach for because, do not forget, it is innate in mankind to reach for success, to reach for progress, and to have hope.

So much Direction has been delivered through This Miracle of Divine Love.  It is sad when We hear a negative reaction.  It is important that All that has been delivered be passed throughout the world, to awaken the minds of millions of human beings, alerting them to the Importance of human life and that they have a Soul that is a Portion of God Himself, and He wants this Soul returned to Him at a given time; but also, to remember everything an individual partakes in, is part of, says, or thinks, or practices, reflects in the Most Important Part of their body, their mind, and affects the Soul in a positive way or a negative way, a loving way or a way that pleases only the enemy of God and man.  So be it.”

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