ON FEBRUARY 28, 1997 AT 1:20 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  We constantly hear mankind make requests for help, whether this be for physical, mental, Spiritual, or monetary means.  The prayers are always answered in the manner and the degree that The Father feels is best at that particular time.

We hear rejection of This Gift of Divine Love wherein so much Personal Direction is given to mankind, helping mankind to better understand that each individual is evident to The Father at all times, due to the Soul that is a Portion of The Father within that individual life.

There are so many dedicated to the formality of religion rather than the practice of it, in it.  It is important for mankind to understand, that to know something is available that will give strength to the mind, to one’s way of life, and to the Spiritual aspects of everyday living, then ignore the closeness that each human life has to God through the Soul He instilled at the moment of conception, why is it difficult for so many to believe that The Father would send to mankind a Miracle of His Divine Love, a Miracle of Instruction at a time when it is much needed because of so much diabolical presence, pressures, interferences?  It is difficult to, even as a Saint, understand man’s indifference to a Gift of This Magnitude.

The little one through whom We All speak, is a voice used to deliver What The Father Wills mankind to understand, because there is no place throughout the world that mankind is receiving proper instruction regarding the Soul that is in each human life, and that this Soul is a Portion of The Father.

When We hear mankind offer a unit of a human body to aid another individual, the selflessness in it is similar to the Selflessness The Father has when He instills a Soul into every conception in human life.

The world of mankind thrives on education in many fields, in many areas that mankind feels are important, but what We do not understand is how so few fully accept the Magnitude of This Gift of Divine Love that has repeatedly instructed in writing, the Importance of the Soul that is within each human being.

A human organ to save a life, man says is a Godsend.  I say to the whole world of mankind, this generosity of man to man is a precious gift of love.  Now compare it to the Precious Gift of a Soul that every living human being is born with.”

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