ON MARCH 3, 1997 AT 2:53 PM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.

At the time in which you live it will be difficult for so many to fully understand the Magnitude of This Gift of The Father’s Love to mankind.

It is important that much distribution be made to all ages, all races, all cultures, with the Words plainly written by so Many Who The Father has requested to deliver so much Love, so much Direction, encouraging mankind to understand the Importance of human life, and to protect the Soul within each life, one’s own Soul, and the Soul of everyone else with whom they come in contact.

It is sad to see an individual with one or more people cause so much harm to the Souls of those with whom they are with.  Many times a Soul is the victim of suggestions by one individual, because the Soul is the recipient of what the individual or individuals do morally, physically, mentally, that is impure in any form, any manner, any degree.

Little ones are not being taught about the Soul.  They are being encouraged to be active and learn all they can, but the Soul is really never mentioned, so they are unaware of Its existence within them, and that Soul is a Portion of The Father, The God Who created them.

Children look to those close to them for learning things about all different areas of life.  They imitate what they learn, and sometimes they are helpless, because there is nothing to compare what they learn to what some other individual might be more apt to show:  a different side, a more pure idea.

This Lesson is endless, because daily children are affected by everyone they come in contact with, by everything they hear, everything they see, plus everything they are told to obey, and even their discouragements are sometimes deterrents against their becoming wiser in what is good, what is right, what is pure for them to understand.

It is sad to see so little responsibility or sincere interest on the importance of what children should learn, and to what degree they should learn it, and at what age it should be given.  Children are important because there is no newborn infant that thinks for itself, and as it grows, it learns from those whom they are around, with whom they deal with on a daily basis.  They learn how to talk, they learn how to walk, they learn how to respond to happiness, sadness, fear, kindness, love.

At this time in the world, in some places there are a few words that describe the conditions, and these words are: ‘Times are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ There is so much to be revealed on a subject of this nature, because children are being neglected throughout the world, and so much of this neglect is being ignored by those in charge.

It is time that mankind understand that no human being is born without a Soul, and the Soul is the Connecting Link between The Creator and the individual, and this is ignored, because God is left out of so many lives verbally, emotionally, intentionally, putting all things on a humanistic evaluation and value.  So be it.”

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