ON MARCH 12, 1997 AT 1:20 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Mankind, in many ways, refuses to believe that there is a Life after this life, because to most, death in the human form has a finality to it, but what they omit understanding is that human life, because of its very intellect, its sensitivities, its ability to see logic, should understand, should realize that human life was created and is created for a Higher Purpose than all other living matter or things.

The very intellect of human life is superior to all other living things.  The innate conscience of human life is above all other living things; the knowledge that human life bears on how to care for the physical, the mental, the moral aspects, above all other living things.

We hear some speak crudely, rudely, denying that there is a God and that man has a Future with Him.  This is not just ignorance on man’s part, but in many ways, can be termed ‘fear’ of The Supreme Being that God Is and Always Has Been.

Children are not being instructed on the Importance of human life, and what a Special Gift it is mentally, morally, physically, spiritually, due to so much laxness by millions of people of all races, all colors, all creeds, ignoring the importance of instruction to the young regarding that human life is Special to The Father, created to His Image and Likeness; granted, not in flesh, but in many other aspects of Greatness, of Beauty, of Importance.

This Miracle has been given to the world, enlightening mankind in ways no one, or nothing else can or does.  This Gift of The Father’s Love, called ‘The Miracle of The Holy Spirit of God’, is giving to mankind, not just Instruction, but defining to the minutest detail what a Great Treasure man consists of, What man is the custodian of, and That is called ‘the Soul’.

It would be ridiculous for mankind to feel, or desire to return to The Father in the body they used in the human form, for it would not be logical in any way; thus, it is more logical for man to understand that there is within each human life a Portion of The Father, indefinable, indescribable, that is above all other living matter.

There is no animal intellectually able to understand all that man understands, and there is no other animal that has the ability to associate mentally, morally, logically, with The God of All Creation.  Only man has this Gift of Divine Love.

The world of mankind lacks judgment regarding the Importance of human life, and in the lack of judgment, human life is degraded and dismissed for a lesser value than it was created for.

Volumes of words, descriptions could be written on this Precious Gift of The Father, His Design and Creation of mankind.  Mankind must understand that to believe in The Father should be automatic because of the intellect, the senses, that are so much a part of all that man does, over and above all other living things.

Many Blessings go with Every Word that passes through This Gift of His Divine Love, because mankind is a Special Gift of Divine Love, and must recognize it as Special, as Important, as having a Future to look forward to, and that is to return to The Father in the Form He designed It to be.  So be it.”

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