ON MARCH 18, 1997 AT 1:17 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.

When mankind receives a gift that he or she is pleased with, emotion shows, thanksgiving shows, and there is a genuine delight that surrounds the conversation, the attitude.

The Father speaks, not just instructing, but presenting to mankind Himself, or through One of Us, His Divine Love, His Reason for creating mankind, reminding mankind of what a Precious Gift human life is, and to treat it as a Precious Gift in every facet of its abilities, beliefs, practices, and means of understanding what a Great Gift it truly is.

We hear so much dissension from many who feel that they have a voice to be heard, rejecting This Gift of The Father’s Love.  On the other hand, they feel if they just ignore It, it makes a statement of rejection that people of all cultures should understand, or accept as a Heavenly Decree.  My, what nonsense mankind submits to!

If mankind were to hold an ounce of gold in one hand, and an ounce of tin in another hand, which would an individual choose to save, to cherish, or even use for some purpose?

The Father has given This Miracle, at ‘this time’, a Name.  He Announced It as ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  This was a Very Important Announcement, because in the Wording He brought to the minds of mankind a Name they were familiar with, because of the History that was written about This Particular Saint.

The Life Story of This Particular Saint was in many ways a hidden Entity, because it was not the time for mankind to know that This Beloved One was, in reality, The Holy Spirit of The Father.  In the early time of years, this Name was connected to a Great Occasion, a Great Purpose, and in many ways a Solution, through The Child that mankind was to understand as This Child being The Son of God.  Thousands of years passed, and The Father Declared the time to come to be, that more would be spoken regarding This Silent One, and that was to Announce to the world that, in reality, though He was known in the human form as ‘Joseph’, and then revered as ‘Saint Joseph’, He was truly The Holy Spirit of The Father.

Mankind should ask themselves:  Who else could be announced as The Father of The Son of God but The Holy Spirit of God which eliminates any human being in This Great Miracle of Divine Love?  When the time came for The Son to be born, historically the Words read: ‘A star shone in the sky.  The shepherds and the kings were present.’

A human version was allowed to be, because the time was not yet ready.  Mankind was not ready for it, but the time is ‘now’, and the world must understand that The Beloved One called ‘Joseph’, Was and Is The Holy Spirit of God Himself.  So be it.”

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