ON MARCH 24, 1997 AT 1:27 PM


“I am Saint Chrysostom.  We hear many hundreds of people who hear about This Miracle in a very minute form, and they immediately have an opinion, and reject The Father’s Ability to speak at any given time, through a human being.

Many will say, ‘Why do they reject what is so logically factual?’ Much jealousy surrounds This Miracle of The Father’s Sacred Love for mankind.  The Father has given to the world This Particular Type of Closeness, Personal Communication, because mankind was and is desperately in need of It, due to the fact that the enemy of God and man has circulated in every avenue of where mankind exists.

Mankind forgets that the devil is real.  The devil is constantly using every avenue of mankind’s weakness to weaken mankind further, so that the Soul will become a victim of the individual’s weakness.  Mankind says: ‘I don’t have a Soul.  All I am is flesh and blood, misery, with a lot of responsibilities.  What proof do I have that there is a Better Place to go, to be seen, to be a part of?  What proof do I have that when I leave the earth there is Another Life, One that can be called “Beautiful”, and another that can be called a “Hell”?’

Many times when We hear mankind question logic it saddens Us, because the very life of human beings exposes human life to what is good, what is wrong, what is happiness, what is punishment, what is valuable to the mind, the body, what is degradation to the mind and to the body.  The mentality of an individual does not have to be rated genius, or above average understanding, to recognize good from evil, love from hate, purity from impurity.

It is instinctive in mankind to not want to be poisoned by what would cause their physical to die.  They look for what is best to put into their body.  Then is it not logical that the body is also the recipient of all other things that human life is exposed to?

When We see an individual whose mind is sick from some serious fear, anger, jealousy, or mental breakdown, and the individual either draws a blank of understanding, or becomes so confused about what is best for them as an individual, their thought on cutting life off totally because of weakness, makes Many of Us, Who are at that time seeing it, want to call out and say, ‘Please don’t take your life, because there is so much for you to accomplish with it, and you are denying your Soul the Gift of Glory for All Eternity.’

Daily We hear desperation in many voices, many minds.  Much of this is brought on by what an individual calls ‘human failure’, but there can be no human failure if mankind entrusts his or her life, his or her mind, abilities and love, to The Creator of All Things, because the Soul instantly fights to give the individual moral strength, mental strength, physical strength that is not seen, but it is available to every living human being from childhood on up through many years.

We hear one individual say to another, ‘I love you.’ Many times it is an expression of what can be compared to ‘Hello,’ because it becomes a habit of speech.  God’s Love for mankind is not like this, because God placed within every living human being an innate desire to achieve, to be happy, to be loved, even when an individual does not appear as though they are cognizant of such a relationship.

The world has been Blessed by The Father Himself, by His giving to mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, This Miracle that draws man close to God, and God close to man, by learning what an Intimate Relationship every living human being has through the Soul that is a Portion of The Father, for all time.”

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