ON MARCH 25, 1997 AT 3:20 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

In many ways mankind does not understand when The Father sends a Gift of His Divine Love, because a Love of This Kind, This Degree, This Personal Attention, is a rarity to mankind.

When a parent instructs a child on an important subject of life, the parent uses choice words.  When a mathematician teaches a particular type of mathematics, he or she uses solid foundation, facts, rules, for the answers to be correct, also many times, takes the time to explain the theory behind the facts.

This Gift of The Father’s Love to mankind is likened to the instructor of mathematics.  The Father starts with the basics, and then in time, is able to speak in a more advanced manner, so that the Truths will be more logically seen, understood, and accepted.

This Gift of The Father’s, This Miracle of Divine Love, is never to be cast aside, abused, or rejected, because He has chosen ‘this time’, ‘this child’, ‘this place’, for all of mankind to learn from, and to become more aware of the Purpose for which He created human life.

To some, when they read about the Soul, they immediately say, ‘I suppose I have to accept it, but I cannot feel It.’ This is a sadness to hear, because in sound theory, man’s individual understanding of what is right, what is wrong, what is pure, what is impure, is the basis for which mankind should base truth on, rather than trying to use his or her own capabilities that in many ways are not sufficient or efficient enough to evaluate the Importance of what the Soul means to human life.

More will be spoken later on this subject, but at this time mankind must stop ignoring the Importance of what human life consists of, and its closeness in reality to The Father Who created all things, and yet creates all things.  So be it.”

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