ON MARCH 26, 1997 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Polycarp.  It is sad when We listen to many learned men and women who bear the vocations of Spiritual life, so ready to disagree, so adamant in their attitude, concern for This Gift of The Father’s Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Joseph, why it is so impossible, causing so many argumentative issues that He cannot be The Spirit of God.

What a sadness mankind is confronted with when Truth is given, and men, women and children are instructed, commanded, demanded to not believe It, to not accept It, and not just to ignore It, but to condemn It.  Many Saints speak through This Gift.  Much Love passes through This Gift.  An abundant amount of Information, Direction, Instruction is passed through This Gift.

We hear some say, ‘A Gift of This Magnitude would use more than one individual.’ How ridiculous can mankind be?  When an individual makes ‘The Sign of The Cross’, what does he say?  Does he not say, ‘In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit’?  This should say much to those disbelievers.

Why some men and women, even children make a mockery of ‘The Sign of The Cross’ is not just sadness to see, but it is blasphemous in its lack of respect, honor, dignity, and understanding of Whom they are calling at that time, to gain attention to them as an individual human being.

The world is in chaos morally, physically, spiritually, mentally, because mankind does not use reasoning behind all that The Father has instilled, for mankind to be able to value such a Gift of This Miracle Wherein so Many have been able to participate, showing mankind the Great Dimension of Heavenly Beings that once were human in body, walked with sensitivities, with the senses, with the abilities to learn many things, to express love, concern, and be a part of many human talents, interests, hopes, dreams.

Needless to say, The Father watches over This Miracle in a manner and way not understandable to human life, because human life is a Creation of His, and He has endowed mankind with so much understanding, so many interests, talents, ambitions, goals, but the Greatest Goal man can reach for is to return to Him, his or her Soul.  So be it.”

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