ON MARCH 26, 1997 AT 1:29 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.

Children of all ages should be instructed on This Gift of The Father’s, This Gift that draws everyone closer to the Importance of human life, because of All that is being spoken about the One Precious Gift of Divine Love that every human being is instilled with, born with, and is a Part of life from that moment on.  The Soul does not walk away for periods at a time.  The Soul is within the life, the body, until the body comes to a close, and then the Soul receives the further instructions from The Father on where It will go.

Think of a situation wherein you or someone else is constantly, brutally abused, mentally and/or physically, and/or emotionally.  Does this abuse not remain in the mind or in the character of an individual, or also in the habits of the individual in some form, some degree?  Also, does not this oftentimes encourage an individual to cling to what they feel is stronger, more appealing, safer?

Mankind must understand the Soul of every living human being is a Gift of Divine Love, and is the recipient of everything an individual participates in, thinks, acts, does.  There is no real instruction on the Importance of the Soul because It is not seen, and mankind most times believes what he or she sees, and does not always recognize the Importance of What he or she cannot see that they are closely connected to.  Another factor mankind should think about in the Creation of human life and all other living things:  The Father enclosed all the important parts of human life and others, so they would be protected, also more attractive, more understandable in many ways.

Today in your time, The Father is allowing Hundreds of Saints to speak through one voice.  All do not announce Themselves, but the child was from conception on, destined to be the channel of delivery for This Great Miracle that was to instruct mankind in a Personal Form, Manner, Means, so that mankind could associate with a human being speaking, participating, because through this form of contact there was understanding.

The Father uses a voice to speak, to have Many Here speak, because mankind needs this Personal Communication, this Personal Advice, this personal feeling of association to Him, on all things.  The Importance of the Soul is, in reality, not difficult to understand, because through the Soul an individual innately knows, and receives a sensitivity to a Higher Being.  The Soul is like a link in a long chain.  Without the Soul, man would be like a tree, an animal, the water, the sky, the soil, and many other such things.

This Gift The Father has handed is spreading throughout the world, but it is sad to say jealousy, egotism is interfering with so many who need This Miracle to live each day stronger morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.  That is why The Father announced for so much to be written, so that mankind would not have to try to remember.

There are so many distractions in human life, and the written word allows the mind of an individual to retain, for maybe a future date, a decision that has to be made, but also what one reads has an effect on one’s memory, and it is important that All that has been delivered be passed throughout the world, never saying that certain individuals will not understand, will not comprehend, because The Father will intercept, intercede, and in many ways use These Words, and Personally help an individual, many individuals see the Importance of Them, the Rationalization of Them, giving Strength, Hope, reminding them that they are not alone in the world because they have a Portion of God within them, called ‘a Soul’.”

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