ON MARCH 31, 1997 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Francis de Sales.

This Gift of Instruction is Important to every living human being throughout the world, but We see men and women blocking It from spreading, and when We listen to their reasonings, none of it is logical, none of it can possibly make sense to a human mind, other than to be judged ‘diabolical’, and a lighter statement, ‘fictional’.

Throughout the world there are so many vile sins being practiced, accepted, advocated, even including the very young who do not know what they are involved in, but because of those in charge of them, they feel it is acceptable.

Some children innately know, feel, resist, when they are told to perform impurities, but they are controlled by those in charge, and this is a terrible sadness for Us, to see so many men of high intelligence, and women with degrees of not just intelligence, but with the sensitivity to innately know what is purity, what is impure, what is sinful when the body is abused.

This subject is difficult for many to discuss because it, in its very essence, causes facts to be spoken that are embarrassing to some, and should never be spoken in a way, in a manner, or a degree that makes others who listen vulnerable to such impure conversation.

Time is important to mankind because time gives every individual the ability to act, to think, and to be example to everyone they know, they meet, or they are seen by.  At different times, down through time, there have been many violent eras that mankind openly debased human virtues, talents, abilities and moral standards.

Today children are not being taught the importance of purity of mind, of body, because they are being subjected to not just words, but visual actions in pictures that they should never be exposed to, because of the innocence in which a child is born.

A child learns from whatever it sees, whatever it hears, and children are being ignored and allowed to be present in so many diabolical places wherein there is much desecration morally, physically, spiritually.  Children are vulnerable, because in their learning years they are quick to capture, to follow, to repeat whatever they see others do, and even when they feel that something inwardly violates a part of them, they are yet victimized, and these times in a child’s life are remembered in many ways, and sometimes never is anything ever totally erased.

It is sad to hear those of years not take into consideration the vulnerability that children are being exposed to, through so many areas of so-called ‘modernized means’ of sight, hearing, and children are not being protected from other areas, that their bodies are becoming addicted to what adults are accepting because of immorality, weakness, and so-called ‘blaming the modernization’ that is taking place in all areas of life.

It is sad for Many of Us Saints to have to speak so openly, so directly, not just warning, but deliberately using Words that others should see the Importance of, and use These Words as a state of logical human protection against all that is evil, because the enemy of God and man walks in the midst of all degrees of mentalities.  So be it.”

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