ON APRIL 6, 1997 AT 1:23 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.

Mankind does not realize that every act, move, word, thought, desire, hope, is heard by The Father.  To ignore such a phenomenon is in many ways sheer foolishness.  I hear some who will read the word ‘foolishness’ say that a Saint would not use such a word.  I say it is a good word for many things, in many areas of life.

Mankind, through This Miracle, has been instructed in so many ways and in so many areas, plus on so many important subjects that mankind personally would not see so in depth.  Mankind talks about love and portrays it as the ultimate feeling for another person, persons, even for a physical item of any kind, so the word ‘love’ is common to man’s ways of thinking, and gives a definite description of personal feeling.

Today, as always, where this instrument of The Father’s is, she is aware of more that is occurring than others are even aware of.  As she sees these things, she oftentimes requests One of Us Here to help in some way to change the situation.

This Gift of The Father’s, through a small child of His, has Great In-depth Meaning, and instant, constant Instruction to address many subjects.  She is never without Us at any time, in any place, for any reason.

This Blessing is for the whole world of mankind and must never be abused.  This little one is ready to obey instantly, and there are many times her just anger is evident when she sees abusiveness and/or arrogance that will be obstructive to This Miracle helping an individual or individuals, of any age, any degree of manner of living.

The Father uses a small instrument, but mankind should realize that though something is so small, there is a Power of Greatness behind it that is Greater than mankind can imagine or fathom in the human mind.

Much Love passes through her Words and her presence, and We use everything she is.”

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