ON APRIL 7, 1997 AT 11:20 AM


“I am Saint Dominic.

There are so many versions of what prayer consists of.  Many of these versions are because of the country, the heritage, the mentalities, that use prayer for many purposes and many reasons.  Prayer is communication to a Higher Being.  Many say, ‘What is a Higher Being?’ because they all have different concepts of this Entity of Supreme Power.

Logic should tell mankind that all things that mankind is able to see, to feel, to understand, also all things that mankind is able to produce, to accept as practical, logical, helpful, necessary to daily living, or for future use, future needs, prayer is a practical association for mankind to use, that mankind can depend upon for help, for assurance, for assistance, even for security in many avenues of human life, such as daily practices, talents, and areas wherein mankind must use physical labor to be able to sustain himself or herself.

Mankind must understand that This Miracle with the Title of ‘Saint Joseph’, is a Miracle of Reality, not human interpretation; also, a Miracle of Divine Love, Direction, giving to mankind so many Facts, so many Ways to strengthen all areas of human life.

This Miracle has not just introduced a new concept of What The Beloved Saint Joseph Truly Is, but through This Miracle of His, so much has been delivered instantaneously when Anyone from Here, Heaven that is, was directed to reach mankind in a manner of understandable nature, abilities, so mankind would not be able to misconstrue, or feel tricked by big words not understandable, because of the languages that so many would not understand if It were to be delivered in a way other than the language wherein This Miracle was chosen to be delivered.

Human love is special.  It draws people together, men, women, children.  It gives strength to human life, honor, dignity, and hope.  The world must hear of This Miracle, and allow no rejection to interfere, because mankind has a way of registering jealousy, rejection, denial, and yes, even to the point of allowing demonic measures to enter so they will get their way, because of all that they personally cannot feel is Fact, Truth.

Much Love passes through This Miracle.  It is a Love that mankind is incapable of understanding the Magnitude of, but nonetheless, Faith is an important factor in every individual, and Faith in This Miracle should only be described as boundless in all areas of human understanding, human beliefs.  So be it.”

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