ON APRIL 9, 1997 AT 11:25 AM


“I am Saint Peregrine.

Why it is so difficult for so many men and women to believe in This Gift of The Father’s Love is a great sadness to All of The Saints in Heaven, because you see, Everyone Here understands the Great Love The Father has for all of mankind.

We hear men and women using their educational understanding to disbelieve This Gift of such Greatness.  Mankind’s discernment of what is right, what is wrong, is not always based on sound facts, sound truths, nor is it based on the Greatness of The Creator of All Things.

As The Father has created the whole universe, mankind cannot understand such a Magnitude of Abilities, and all through time, in the progress of man’s mentalities, God has given to mankind structured Facts, Directions, to help each degree of mentality, of growth, of abilities, to understand His Existence more and in a greater degree and reasoning.

Today I have the privilege, as a Saint, to speak through a small instrument.  There are many demands when such an Occurrence happens in the world of mankind.  First, there is the instrument that must be trained in many areas, not just instructed.  Then, what has been developed to such a degree that it is able to be shared, The Father allows It to be given in a manner of understandability.

When We hear rejection of values morally, physically, spiritually, All of The Saints Here say: ‘Father can I speak?  Perhaps I can help them so they will more readily understand the Importance of human life, that it is unlike any other living thing.’ But then, needless to say, Each Saint stands back and awaits His Decree as to Who will be the Messenger, because if All Saints spoke at once, it would be impossible for human life to hear, to feel, to understand, and to be able to repeat in an instructive manner, All that is given.

Granted, mankind has a will, and in essence this is a Treasure, because without it man would be like all other things:  plants, animals, things that have no ability to use instruction, and understand that there is a Purpose to life beyond what life is while it is yet human in structure, motives, ideas, mental abilities.

The Father has Blessed the world and He sees rejection, whether this rejection be a lack of Faith in Him, or based on an inability to realize that for human life and for all other creations there had to be a Supreme Factor, and that, of course, is The Creator of All Things.

For Me to deliver This Great Message to all of mankind is a privilege, as Each Message We are allowed to deliver is a great privilege, because We walked the road of human life in a different era of time, different circumstances, different backgrounds, but since The Father has allowed This Great Miracle of His Divine Love, through His Holy Spirit, mankind has been Blessed abundantly, not secretly, but openly.

Mankind uses prayer requesting help.  The Father has given to mankind a Blessing beyond what mankind could ever think of asking for, because This Blessing is constantly instructive for all of mankind, and It must be translated into languages throughout the world.

We hear resistance but it can be done.  It will take perseverance, it will take obedience, it will take love for mankind, human love, and it will take a personal love for The Father, to accept this as a privilege, because to help another human being in any way is Blessed by The Father, and I assure you that when This Gift, This Blessing, This monumental amount of Information is able to be passed to all races, all colors, all creeds, all degrees of mentalities, The Father’s Love will show abundantly.

If I were to speak more, what I would say could not possibly add to what I have already spoken.  The privilege that mankind has been granted through This Gift of The Father’s Love is a Gift beyond any human measure.  So be it.”

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