ON APRIL 14, 1997 AT 12:58 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.

Why is it so difficult for mankind of all degrees of Faith, sound reasoning regarding the Gift of Faith, unable to see the Magnitude of This Divine Gift for the benefit of mankind of all ages, all denominations of Faith?  Much jealousy interferes many times with individuals who cannot accept another having a talent, an ability, a responsibility that is beyond what those outside of What is Occurring find possible to accept, and there is an eagerness to reject.

What I have spoken may sound complicated to some, but nonetheless, Piece by Piece, Part by Part, Issue by Issue, It is Factual.  Mankind must understand that human life, because of All The Father has implanted in it, is Special, and even more Special in Content than mankind is available to see with the human eye, understand with the human mind.

So Many have been requested by The Father to speak in ways, degrees, manners, that will be understandable to different mentalities, different backgrounds, different abilities, connected to Spiritual understanding.  When We speak, the one through whom We speak does not hear Our Voice as she knows a voice to be.  Our Presence is all she needs because as We speak, We speak through her Soul, and the Soul through the intellect, delivers The Father’s Way, The Father’s Will, The Father’s Gift of Instruction on many subjects, and in different ways, so that different degrees of mentalities, different degrees of Faith, understanding, will be able to comprehend the Value of What is spoken; also, the ability to practice the Direction that is obvious in What is put into Words.

We have heard many speak amongst themselves, and make decisions as to the validity of This Miracle of This Magnitude, and say, ‘Why is it called “a Miracle”?’ It is a Miracle because It is beyond human intellect, human understanding, human ability; also, whenever The Father indulges in such Great Help to Souls of men, women and children, it is beyond what human nature could possibly speak so thoroughly, on so many issues, protecting the Soul in such a Personal Way.

Those who read These Words, I ask them, ‘Would you put your hand in flaming fire purposely and not expect to be harmed to a degree of pain, even to the point where the hand would be useless from that point on?’ And yet mankind ignores the Value of the Soul and does not protect the Soul from the ugliness of sins, impurities of the mind, the body, catering totally to all that is evil, all that is detrimental to the purity of the Soul.

What I have spoken may sound complicated to some, but after it is read several times, I am sure that logic will be evident and give to those who care, an Important Message.  Let no time during the day allow you to forget that the enemy of God and man is available to cause not just dissension, but harm through one’s actions, one’s speech, one’s decisions, one’s determinations, one’s jealousies, one’s not caring what effect the words have on those who hear what has been spoken.

This Gift of The Father’s has been given to all of mankind, and there should be no time wasted for It to be received throughout the world.  Time is an important issue here.  Time is valuable for many reasons, and time allows every individual born, the ability to one day become ‘a Saint’.

Everyone should ask themselves, ‘Is there not a Great Purpose for why I was born?’ We say to all who ask this question, ‘Human life is a privilege, and through human life it gives all individuals a chance to return to The Father, and be with Him in a way far beyond what mankind can understand Happiness or a Blessing to be.’  So be it.”

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