ON APRIL 16, 1997 AT 1:11 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  I speak many times.  Rarely do I announce My Name, because I hear some say, ‘I thought only Saints spoke through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.’

The little one through whom I speak I care for deeply, because I am fully aware of the Path called ‘service to The Father’s Will’ that is not always acceptable to men, women or children, because they do not understand such a Task of service, obedience, trust, love, devotion.

The world must understand that The Father has not left it alone, nor has He not continued to love mankind.  His Love for mankind is executed through This Gift of His Divine Love spontaneously, through All in the Heavens.  The world, though in chaos, tempts many to find enjoyment and encourages them to ignore the safety of their Soul.

‘What is a Soul?’ We hear men and women ask.  The Soul is an unseen Gift of Divine Love.  It is a Portion of The Father, minute in His Greatness, to His Greatness, but nonetheless, in every human being born as man.  This Gift of The Father’s Love is for all races of mankind, for all ages of mankind, for all degrees of intellect, and for all who can fully see that they have a task to achieve, and that is to protect the Soul that was given to them to one day become, by name, ‘a Saint in Heaven’.

When I walked the earth, I walked in a form of life, a vocation that was not always pleasing to others, because there was much jealousy surrounding me, and the respect many times could not, would not, did not show.  When I would ask for help to hide my grief, my pain, my fear, it was oftentimes misunderstood, but today as I speak through a small child in the world, I speak to encourage others to be total example, to not just those they love, but everyone they come in contact with, that they believe in God, they believe in The Commandments of God, by their actions, their words, and by what they use to show respect for human life.

My Words are strong, difficult, through the little one I speak, but I have promised her there will be a time that I will approach her in a softer manner, softer degree.

As I speak, I speak with a Father’s Love, a Concerned Love, because you do live in a time wherein satan is prevalent throughout the world, actively using every means to corrupt what is good, and to destroy Spiritual strengths, because he is the enemy of God and man, and it is important for mankind to not ignore their weaknesses, their casualness, that causes them to accept what is vile, contemptible, impure.

I close with a Blessing, and I say, ‘In Nomine Patris, Filii, Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’”

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