ON APRIL 25, 1997 AT 11:49 AM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

You live in a time where there is much confusion on what is moral, what is immoral, what is just, what is unjust, what is pure, what is impure, what is right, what is wrong, in so many areas of human behavior, human ideals, human understanding of the Spiritual advantages available.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of prayer, silent or vocal.  Children are being left out of conversations that would help them understand the importance of morality over immorality.

Everyone who reads My Words, I ask you, ‘Can you openly say to those close to you, “I love God; I thank God for all I have, all I am, because I want to become a Saint”?’

How many conversations even mention the Goal for human life?  It is an unheard subject.  Oh, it is mentioned in financial circles, and many times in casual manners regarding a form of prayer, a manner of prayer and/or a formal way of prayer.

The Father has given to mankind a Gift of His Divine Love, constantly instructing, sometimes formally, sometimes informally, on the Importance of human life, and that man is the custodian of a Gift of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.

Mankind must receive All that We have delivered.  Do not be concerned over the path they have been instructed in spiritually, morally, socially, educationally.  The Father’s Will is for all of mankind to read What has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.

Logic should tell mankind that This Name does not belong to a mere man, but This Name signifies the importance of being a man and caring for the responsibilities that human life has:  dedication to The Divine, responsibilities in the family way, and of course, in the form of work that mankind is not just entitled to, but responsible for and to.

This Miracle of Divine Love is a Gift beyond what mankind understands It to be.  It is the Birth of a More Personal Association given to mankind, because of The Father’s Love for this Creation of His.  The Father has spoken, The Beloved Heavenly Mother has spoken, a multiple Number of Saints have spoken, gently, firmly, with much Instruction.

There has been no other time in the History of mankind that a Gift as Great as This One has been allowed, because The Father’s Will allowed mankind to follow what had already been written, and then as it declined in meaning to mankind, He gave to mankind another form of Instruction, so that mankind could more easily understand the Importance of human life and the Greatness of the Goal for which it was created.

It is true, there were forms of instruction continuing on before This Miracle was given, but in so many areas humanism was creeping in and becoming more acceptable, thus ignoring important issues, such as, that each human being is given a Soul at the moment of conception, and this Soul is a Portion of God, because human life has a distinction beyond all other living things, and human life was and is created to the Image and Likeness of God.

This Statement, though it was instructed upon in so many ways, mankind allowed humanism to be an important factor, thus losing sight that though mankind was created to the Image and Likeness of God, God is The Creator of All Things, and mankind having a Soul, is not God, but the Soul, as a Precious Gift of Divine Love, is the Connection that mankind has to being made to the Image and Likeness of God.

Mankind has an intellect.  No two living human beings are exact in sensitivities, in knowledge, or in their daily habits, practices, thinking, ideas, ideals, or their feeling about their Soul.  We hear mankind say, ‘All men are created equal.’ This statement has a fact, but the fact is not that all men, women, and children are completely alike in their mentalities, their appearances, their beliefs, their goals, and many other areas of human dignities, appearances and/or Spiritual understandings.

The Father has Blessed the world through a small voice, not a voice that can be heard for miles and miles and miles.  The written Words are so Important in This Miracle of The Father’s Love, because as the Words are dictated, They will touch the lives of many Souls in a different degree, for a different reason, and every individual will capture a certain hope, idea, interest, that they can personally associate with and use to a better understanding for their individual needs, practices, and goals.

I could speak endlessly on this subject, but it is important that mankind’s retention and ability to follow what he or she can morally, psychologically, spiritually handle as an individual, will help them grow deeper in love with God and do all things they are involved in to please Him, because of the Soul they have that is a Portion of Him.  So be it.”

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