ON APRIL 25, 1997 AT 1:18 PM


“I am Saint Martha.

Throughout the world there are men, women and children who choose many ways to honor what they call ‘a Higher Being’.  Many times their interpretation neglects certain areas of the Importance of This Being that they refer to.

The Father is constantly aware of every living human being and the condition of their Soul, because as the Soul is a Portion of Him, you will better understand if you think of a portion of your body, a finger, even just a nail, that perhaps becomes infected or even cut in the slightest way.  Your attention is drawn to the problem, the degree of the problem, and also your concern over how it occurred.

Every human being should feel this way about his or her Soul, because the Soul is a reflection of everything an individual thinks, practices or says, and the Soul in some way reflects it through the individual’s actions, personality, ideas, mentality, in some form.  At the same time It reflects to a Higher Being.

I say These Words in short, because These Words are just a touch of what human life reflects to The Father every moment of every day and night.  So be it.”

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