ON APRIL 28, 1997 AT 1:10 PM


“I am Saint Louis de Montfort.

Mankind oftentimes asks another one for a blessing.  Usually the blessing is for a need of some kind, some form of help.

When children are taught to say ‘God bless you’, it is because of an age-old belief that when an individual would sneeze, or cough extensively, Spiritual Help was called upon.  These two acts were acts of dependence on a Spiritual Source, Help.

Today ask yourself:  How many times lately have you heard this statement, ‘God bless you’?  Is it due to modernization or a lack of Spiritual belief, or just an indifference to an occurrence that an individual is having that could be uncomfortable?  You live in a time of not just modernization, but a time where mankind of all ages, races, creeds, have an indifference to publicly calling on a Supreme Being for aid on any situation.

The Father has given to mankind a Divine Act of Love through This Miracle that is instructing mankind of all denominations about the Importance of what human life consists of, the ability to understand that life did not create itself; it was designed and created by a Supreme Being for a Great Purpose.  The Father’s Love for mankind, in creating this type of human life, designed it with many abilities, and with a mind that was unlimited in the capabilities of learning much about many things.

Let us take, for example, the progress that man has reached medically, academically, in many fields.  Why can I not say ‘morally’, in Spiritual, logical responses to morality and to kindness, in helping others understand that human life has dignity, intellect, understanding, and many abilities that give to human life monumental advantages to reach high goals, and to better understand that human life was designed beyond all other living things in intellect, nature, and sensitivity in so many areas, so many ways, for so many reasons, giving human life a Great Source to understanding that human life has a Goal beyond any living thing?

We hear so many blindly walk into places, situations, that are detrimental to their mind, their body and their Soul.  It is not just a lack of sensitivity, but there is a boldness, a defiance, that destroys so much that an individual is capable of using to better themselves and the lives of everyone else.

Children are being instructed on humanism in so many fashions, factors, and indulgences.  Ask yourself also:  How many children open the day with a prayer, acknowledging God Who created them?  How many times during the day is The Creator of All Things called upon to help an individual make a decision that is proper and free of sin?  I could go on and on, asking mankind to look at every facet of daily life, and realize that they have a debt to pay to God for the privilege of human life, ignoring totally what is wrong, what is diabolical, what is destructive to their Soul.

The Father gave to the world This Miracle of Instruction, asking Many Saints Here to partake, Each in Their Own Way, so that the differences in approaching what is right, what is moral, what is sound, what is pleasing to God, would give to all different personalities, characteristics, degrees of intelligence, choice in how they would choose, as an individual, to return their Soul to God because of their love for God.

Already there has been so much written on the Special Creation mankind is, and We see some who read the Words, find Hope in Them, but when a decision has to be made, many forget What they have read, What they have absorbed in the reading, and make decisions based on who they are with, or how they feel at that moment.

The Father’s Love is never-ending because of the Soul that every individual is the custodian of.  The Soul is a Protective Divine Gift of Love to human life, and the Soul is very evident in the conscience, in the habits, in the decisions that every human being partakes in.

There are volumes that could be written on this subject, but The Father has delivered so much, using Many of Us Here in degrees, making it easy for mankind to be able to absorb the Importance of human life and His Divine Gift of Love in it, a Portion of Himself, called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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