ON MAY 1, 1997 AT 2:30 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  I have come to speak today to alert mankind to the negligence that is being practiced where the young are not being instructed on sound moral values, sound moral standards, and the negligence is due to the fact that so many men and women are tolerating what they call ‘changes in the youngsters because of the time that they live in’.

First let Me say: ‘Example is a major factor in instruction; also, surroundings that show acceptable behavioral practices of all ages has a tremendous effect on the mentalities of those who are subjected to it.’

In some areas where mankind is, We hear much translation of the Bible, and in the shouting of the phrases, describing what the phrase means is many times only to the degree of how an individual perceives it, and it is usually according to their own background, their own behavioral patterns, or their innate egotism in feeling they have innate abilities to instruct others, through explaining to them verbally what the sentences mean and how these should be followed.

Oftentimes such a lesson is based on humanism, egotism, and the desire to be prominent in the field of explaining the History behind and in the Bible.  Two people, six people, ten people, a hundred people can read the same paragraph, and each one would be able to describe the full meaning in the terminology that they are used to using, and in their personal perception of what the words mean and how they should be followed.  There is so much shouting regarding instructing others on the Importance of what human life consists of, and its priorities.

The Father has given to the world Personal Information, directing so Many Saints to take part in instructing mankind of all ages, all races, all creeds, on why human life was created and the Importance of the Goal for this creation.  All of The Saints have put It simply, logically, so that different degrees of intellect are not left out.  Everything is expressed so logically, plainly, consistently, in a form that gives much essence to the reality of the meaning.

Mankind enjoys talking about love, enjoys reminiscing, and enjoys listening to others who feel they have the full concept of love for God, many times ignoring that The Father’s Love is a Divine Love, and human love is through obedience to God’s Commandments; that human love bears a responsibility to The Father’s Will on all subjects, in all areas of life.

It is important for all of mankind to see the Value of What I have just spoken, because through thousands of Revelations through This Miracle of The Father’s Divine Love, He has elected ‘this time’ to be, to help mankind better understand, more fully comprehend that human life is a design based on The Father’s Love, because in this design He has instilled an innate understanding of a Higher Being.”

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