ON MAY 15, 1997 AT 1:35 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

It is important that mankind of all cultures become educated in Spiritual necessities, not just likes and dislikes, choosing what they feel is suitable to them.  The Father gave to the world for all time, His Rules, His Commandments, in great detail, not just in conciseness as They are shown at this time.

When mankind speaks to each other, he or she oftentimes must become very explicit, covering all areas in explanation of the subject.  To be so concise would definitely leave out important facts, important features that would be pertinent to the importance of the subject matter.

The Commandments of God have been made so concise over the years, since They were first given, that mankind ignores the Value of each Commandment, because of the lack of understanding that allows only specific Words to specify the Commandment in a manner, in a way that just suggests what it is all about.

The Father has given to mankind a Gift beyond mankind’s understanding Its Magnitude; not that mankind is not capable of understanding It, but mankind has a habit, a manner of shortening important subjects, not elaborating on the fullness, in the meaning of the subject matter.

Let Me take one Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill.  We hear so many say, ‘I have never killed anyone, I wouldn’t think of it.’ This statement does not cover all the facets of what an individual ignores in how they act, how they treat important subjects, and/or how they relate to the fullness of the meaning of a subject.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.  This is being ignored by many different cultures and age groups, because mankind has justified, in many areas, use of the body according to their own amusement, habits, interests, practices, thus ignoring this Commandment’s full meaning in how it was delivered, and why it was delivered.

Volumes could be written on each Commandment that would cover every facet of man’s thinking, feelings, ideas, practices, uses and understanding.  The Commandments must be brought forth in Their fullest measures, never leaving out one facet of The Father’s Intention for each one, His Reason for each one, because each Commandment has within it a Directive, a Purpose, due to the fact that human life carries within it a Portion of The Father, called ‘the Soul’.

The Commandments were given for many Reasons, and it is important that mankind of all degrees of intelligence, fully understand that The Father’s Commandments must never be omitted from daily living.  Each day should be begun by thinking Them in the form of a prayer, promising Him that the actions of that day will be in accord with His Will.

The world is trying to ignore These Commandments, constantly justifying humanism as being practical, logical, and necessary.  I tell you at this time that mankind must stop ignoring The Commandments that were given to every living human being for all time, because of the Soul that every living human being is the bearer of.

This Soul is the recipient of every act, every thought, every word, every mood, that an individual partakes in, in any way, at any time, for any reason, and what an individual does reflects within his or her Soul as a definite return of love for God, or a definite act of disgrace for his or her own Soul.  So be it.”

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