ON MAY 20, 1997 AT 4:12 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of The Father’s Love:  a Gift of Direction, Facts, Truths, Instructions, a Gift beyond what mankind would ordinarily think as a Gift.

To each prayer, in each prayer, there is a communication between the individual and the One to Whom they are praying.  No prayer is ever ignored, no prayer is never not heard, even when it is a prayer with no sound, a silent prayer of thought, desire, hope and love.

The Father has Blessed the world so many times through individuals, and This Blessing that I speak through today is for all races, all colors, all creeds, all degrees of intellect, and all degrees of Spiritual understanding, Spiritual desires, hopes.

Ask yourself:  What would life be without a feeling for The Divine?  How would life respond to tragedies, sicknesses, despair, and/or a lack of hope?

Prayer is a Blessing because it is communication between a human being and The Divine.  The Soul is the Communication, the Communicator of this Association, and the Soul is ever present to be able to be Part of this closeness man has to The Sacred Heart of The Creator of All Things.

The senses of mankind in many ways are Gifts of Divine Love.  They are not always thought as Gifts, but nonetheless, this is fact.  The sense of sight is connected to the mental acumen of individuals who depend upon their sight for so many things.  The sense of touch is important, because through touch there is communication, also identification through the sense of touch.

The mind of a human being has so many facets to it, because through the mind, the intellect, it gives to an individual something that nothing else can.  The mind absorbs knowledge, alerts an individual to fears that are evident.  The mind is a close association to an individual’s understanding of the Existence of God and All The Saints, and the reason how individual Souls became Saints.

Ask yourself:  What if there was no Goal for life, nothing to look forward to, wouldn’t this be a sadness unbearable?  Human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and human life has a Purpose, for a Goal indescribable to mankind in Its fullness, but nonetheless, It is available to every living human being, because of the Soul that is within every living human being.

We sometimes hear individuals say: ‘How do I know I have a Soul?  No one has ever seen a Soul.  I feel nothing, I hear nothing, and there is no communication evidenced by me to this Soul I am the custodian of.’

Let us take one step at a time:  Do you see your brain?  Do you see yourself swallow?  Do you see your heart beat?  Do you see what your brain is thinking, or do you just know it’s thinking?  When you have pain, do you see the pain, or do you feel the pain?  When you are learning a subject, how much of the subject do you see?

Think much on what I have just spoken and then see for yourself the magnitude of the Blessing of your mental abilities that also are used to join you and your Soul to The Father’s Will, in everything you do, everything you think, everything you say, everything you feel.

Human life is a Blessing beyond human understanding because there are so many facets to it, and each facet has an important part in everyday life.

We hear mankind talk about loving another human being.  Human love has many facets to it, because it has an understanding, a closeness, and also, it is a support system that gives much meaning, strength to what the love consists of.  Now imagine God’s Love, how much Greater It is for human life, and how Important It is to human life.

Volumes could be written on this subject, but try to absorb What I have just spoken and It will give you strength when obstacles arise.  It will encourage hope.  It will also help you to understand that human love is but a facet of Divine Love.  This facet of Divine Love helps each living human being to know right from wrong, good from evil.  It is truly a Gift of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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