ON JUNE 20, 1997 AT 10:55 AM


“This little one knows she is being falsely accused and criticized because so many cannot believe that I would choose one such as she to speak for Me and so Many Here with Me.

The world is in great turmoil and mankind is ignoring the influx of so much diabolic practices.  I have seen times like this before, and they are a great dishonor to Me because of the Soul in each human being that is a Portion of Me.

Many desecrations are being practiced in the name of justice and/or being judged right according to the time in which you live, but this is ‘diabolic’ in essence, structure and deliverance.  Mankind is being bombarded with immorality, and many men, women and children are being led, and leading others to perdition.

This Miracle is a Miracle of My Love, My Gift to mankind at a time It is greatly needed for millions of people throughout the world.  It is not traveling fast enough, because men and women in places of importance are rejecting It and/or discrediting It and/or diminishing Its Truths.

The world is in need of All that has been delivered, and each one who has the Faith to believe in It must understand the responsibility to scatter It in all corners of the world.

In the beginning of All Creation, I used one Seed of Mine.  Today I use another Seed of Mine to help mankind save That Portion of Me inside each of them.

I could talk hours without a stop, but the little one I use could not keep up with Me, nor could any other living human being.”

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