ON JUNE 24, 1997 AT 9:43 AM


“I am Saint Louis de Montfort.  Many will try to deny that so Many of Us have spoken, and continue to speak through the little one who has the Responsibility to not deny All Our Words, but to allow Them to be written for mankind for all time to come.

There are so many sacrilegious acts, participations occurring in all walks of life, basically abominations to the purity of millions of Souls.

It is sad to say, whenever The Father gives a Great Gift to mankind there is always a great necessity for It, because The Father, in This Gift, is protecting the Souls that are All a Part of Him.

Millions of men, women and children say that they believe in God but they do not show it, and this is a great sadness to All of Us Here with Him, because mankind is the only living matter that has within them a Portion of The Father, a privilege beyond human understanding.

Mankind has been warned that This Entity of Divine Love must be protected from all sorts, degrees of impurities that are based on diabolical anger, jealousy.

When men, women and children see something that they would like to have, they earn it or they will ask someone else to help them get it.  The Father has requested All of Us Saints to speak, instructing, encouraging mankind to protect the Soul that is a Portion of Him that He wants returned to Him, to be with Him once again for All Eternity.

It is a sadness when We see man’s indifference to having a Portion of God within them, because without this Gift of Divine Love, mankind would be like all other living matter, with no Goal to work for, to live for, and to return to The Father for All Time.

So Many of Us are requested to speak through This Miracle, This Special Gift of Communication The Father has given to enlighten mankind of the Importance of human life, and how Special it is to Him, because in it He shares so many Gifts, making human life above all other living things.

The world has been Blessed in a degree and a way beyond what mankind can understand, but for such a long time The Creator of All Things has directed This Gift of Divine Love to be scattered throughout the world, so that mankind will be informed in a way and a manner understandable, that there is a Life to return to, because of the Soul that every living human being is gifted with at the moment of conception.

Each time One from Here speaks, It is a Gift of Divine Love, and a Gift beyond what mankind could ever receive from any human being.  So be it.”

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