ON JUNE 27, 1997 AT 12:57 PM


“I am Saint Bernard.

Children are not being instructed properly on what is important to the safety of their Soul.  This laxness is due to the fact that mankind does not have the Faith in God that he or she should see as an important part of life, and that Faith in God gives strength to all that mankind has, such as sound thinking and the benefits of prayer that are being ignored in so many ways.

What I am about to say some may find difficult to handle, but mankind must understand that the enemy of God and man is vicious, sly, and always evident when abuse to the body, to the mind is practiced, because these things affect the Soul of an individual or individuals, sometimes those who are present, sometimes those who just hear about the atrocities.

Immorality is being ignored, because most of mankind is accepting it as normal, as part of human life, due to the fact that people of all ages have different personalities, different tendencies to act according to their own will.  Logic is being tossed to the winds, and these winds are like a hurricane.

Let us look in on a Catechism class.  There are several ages of mankind present, some very young, some older.  It is sad to see the innocence of the young destroyed because of the manner in which the subject matter is being presented to please the older ones, ignoring the innocence of the young.

One might say that mankind has become hardened by so much acceptance of impurities of the mind and the bodies, that encourage mankind to act abnormally regarding his or her association with others.

Children are hearing things they should not hear, because they do not have the ability to discern what is proper, what is pure, and they are being exposed to so many areas of life that can be termed ‘diabolical’.  Nothing seems to be censored from the young.  They are expected to be able to understand what is right for them, what is wrong for them.  This of course, is satanic, because a child must be handled more delicately and be strengthened by what is pure, what is good, what is pleasing to God.

I repeat What you have heard from Many Others Here, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ That time in History is notable because everything diabolical was practiced, demeaning to human life, in every facet of it.

Many men, women and children who live at this time and are not openly exposed to filth based on immorality, find it difficult to visualize the extreme measures that are being practiced against God’s Commandments.  This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph wants mankind to more fully understand the degree of each Commandment that was given, enlightening mankind on the full measure of what each Commandment truly consisted of when They were delivered to Moses.

Mankind has a habit of cutting everything short, making it concise, thus leaving out or ignoring important words, definitions, meaning.  They call it ‘modernization’, living in a different time than those who lived in the past.  Of course, these words are foolish, because they are empty of soundness, reality, truths, and values.

Mankind throughout the world must find somewhere in their presence, the Words that have passed through This Miracle, because mankind throughout the world is in great need of All that The Father has directed to be addressed in Its full manner, in all languages, allowing no one to not have the privilege to know the Importance for which human life was created because of the Soul, That Connection to God that every living human being is the custodian of.  So be it.”

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