ON JULY 9, 1997 AT 2:06 PM


“Yes, I am Saint Josaphat.  The Father’s Generosity for such a long time, allowing so Many of Us Saints to speak, to instruct through one small voice, has been and is a Blessing beyond what human beings fully understand.

We hear some say, ‘It’s difficult for me to believe that Saints, or God, would speak through “a human voice” at any time.’ Mankind’s understanding of the Generosity of The Father, is in many ways not according to how The Father intended it to be, in giving to mankind belief in God, and belief in the Fact that every human being is born with a Soul, and this Soul, as an Extension of The Father, is to return to Him one day and remain with Him for All Eternity.

We hear so many scientists speak about the wonder of their experiments, and how they started to believe they could find the unknown factor that would make what they thought possible, would actually be understood, realized, as reaching an impossible factor in something that was not tangible to ordinary measures.

Today as I speak, I speak to instruct mankind on the necessity of Faith in the Supernatural, and that It truly Exists as a Power beyond what human life can conceive; also, that as human life is an extension of This Power, it is also meant to return to The Power at a given time.

At the time in which I lived upon the earth, much was spoken about regarding the logic in understanding the True Existence of God, because of the Creation of so much, and also the mentality of the Creation of man.

Children are not being taught regarding the Greatness of The Power of God.  So much is being taken for granted, thus ignoring that behind All of Creation, there is a Greater Unseen Factor, Power, that has Existed for All Time, and there is no end to It.

The world has been Blessed through a Great Gift called ‘Spiritual understanding’, because in this Gift it gives a moral strength to everyday living, and It automatically instills in mankind that there is a Future to look forward to, a Goal to accomplish, and that it is innate in human life to believe this, and to look forward to It in the full concept of Its Meaning, Its Purpose.”

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