ON AUGUST 6, 1997 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The world at this time is considered a world modernized, because of so many changes in man’s way of doing things; also, the advancement of so many inventions, giving to mankind the privilege of delving into greater scientific benefits, but I add here:  also dangerous.

As I look at a child praying, I watch the innocence.  I listen to the simplicity, also the dependence of the words that are expected to be answered according to the individual’s hopes.

There have been many times, thousands of years ago, that mankind was Blessed with much intelligence, and many ways to handle the knowledge they had, beneficial to the time in which they lived.  In many ways mankind has not changed morally; in fact, one could call it ‘a time of secrecy’ that so much was not revealed publicly, due to the fact that mankind found that certain things were not morally acceptable, but that did not stop them from practicing what was immoral.  To put it in man’s terms, ‘much was put in a closet, a cabinet, a container’.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, a time of moral pressures, because of the liberalism that so many men, women, and even some children qualify greatly in accepting.

Let us, you and I, look at the world as it is.  We see mankind of all degrees of intelligence, many degrees of personalities, natures, characteristics, talents, ideals, ideas, practices.  The Father did not make every man, woman and child exactly alike.  He instills into mankind a nature, and the ability to learn in many areas, many things.  The very fact that The Father created mankind with the same features, same design, but even in those who are suspected of being exactly alike, there is some difference somewhere, some way.

The Father has given This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle of Divine Love, to all of mankind, not one special group, nationality, or religion.  This Miracle has been given to the world for all races, all colors, all creeds, because all of mankind is, are, and always will be, created by The Father.

The Seed of Life is a Seed of Love.  The Seed of Life has a Goal to it that is not always recognized as Special, as Ultimate, because human life has a Soul that nothing else has.  It is the Father’s Connection to human life, giving to human life the Promise of a Goal that nothing else has the ability to reach.

Mankind has been Blessed with a mind, a sense of right and wrong, a sense of communication openly, a sense of adjustment, a sense of judgment, a sense of value, and each human being reflects what man calls ‘personality’.  This has also been a Great Gift because it individualized human life in a manner and a degree different than any other living thing.

The Father at different times appointed ‘individuals’ for specific tasks to be accomplished.  Some carried them out, some did not, but in the long run, the Value of human life has remained, because human life has a Distinctness in it above all other living things, and that is the Soul.

Granted, no one sees their Soul or the Soul of another individual, but the Soul of every living human being is present, and The Father is in constant communication with every Soul, no matter what the conditions are.  Every individual is accountable to God for every act of obedience, and every act of disobedience to a very important factor of life, and that is the actions that an individual performs that are moral, and those that are immoral.  The Soul is the benefactor.  The Soul is the recipient.  The Soul is what will be That Part of each human life that will be Judged according to what the individual practiced during that lifetime.

I could speak on and on about the Importance of the Creation of human life and the Goal The Father has for it.  My Love for you and all who will read My Words, I say: ‘Protect your Soul.  It is the Connection between you and The Creator of All Things.  It is the recipient of the Judgment of all you have accomplished in the human way.’  So be it.”

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