ON AUGUST 15, 1997 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Martha.

As All of Us Saints listen to mankind’s interpretations, requests, on so many subjects, for so many things, We understand each one’s manner of thinking, ability to understand, because of their backgrounds that are so different in concept.  Mankind would say to This Statement, ‘It helps life to be more interesting when there are so many versions of topics, of conversations.’

I move in closer to the little one through whom I speak.  My Message to mankind on this day is to be aware of what a Treasured Gift human life is, and the importance of what the obligations consist of regarding mental interpretations, visual associations, and conversational descriptions of the importance of morality over immorality, decency over indecency, justice over injustice, love over hate, truth over untruth, decisions based on sound moral values, sound moral standards, rejecting all that is opposite.

Mankind must understand that he or she is not alone in the world, because the Soul is a constant Companion that never leaves the body of any individual until The Father Decrees it to be.

You live in a time where mankind, of all ages, places much emphasis on being educated in different fields of knowledge, different fields of practice, different fields of belief in Almighty God.  There is much confusion on this Fact, much dissension, much egotism, more so than on any other issue in life.

It is sad to say These Words, because this Portion of life is the Most Important Issue for mankind to fully understand, because of the Soul that is in each human being.  We see many individuals stand in control of groups, large and small, supposedly as the one knowledgeable in the field of Spiritual strengths, and the goals for which life was created.

It is time that mankind awaken to Values in What is spoken, What is directed to be important for mankind to value the Soul that is within, that cannot be seen, cannot be felt, but mankind must remember that the ability to judge right over wrong, truth over untruth, is what mankind should see, understand as a Gift of Divine Love, a Gift of discernment that no other living thing has.  So be it.”

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