ON SEPTEMBER 12, 1997 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The Father has given to mankind a Gift of Logical, Sincere Instruction with each explanation of a particular facet of what He expects of mankind, knowing that mankind needs at this time, Instruction of His Commandments.

The world of mankind is in so many ways deliberately acting, speaking, instructing, and performing physically, mentally, morally against all that The Commandments of God are meant to be understood in, for.

We hear men, women and children ignoring what they know is moral, and doing exactly opposite.  We do not understand such abuse to the Will of The Father, because mankind instinctively knows that human life is above all other living things in knowledge, in concept, understanding, behavioral reasoning.

The Father created mankind as a Gift of His Divine Love.  There has never been a full explanation of This Love that He has for this Creation of His, because no human mind would have the capacity, the intellect, the sensitivity, the understanding of the Importance that human life has that no other living matter has, and that is a Soul.

It is important that those who have heard so Many of Us speak through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, accept the privilege, the opportunity, the tasks and the responsibility to be like the Apostles were a long time ago, and that is to spread All the Words that have been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love.

We hear some who, in reading some of the Revelations through this small instrument, ask God, ‘Is this true, what You say at this time, or is it spoken to get attention?’ What foolish response this is.  Mankind’s jealousies take over and they use jealousy as an excuse to not understand, to not accept, to not value What is so logically sound, reasonable, important, and in every facet of It, Enlightenment beyond what the ordinary human mind is capable of.

In the Time that The Beloved Son walked the earth, He too was questioned, many times arrogantly, insincerely, also because of jealousy.  The time has come for mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, to look at human life as a Gift of Divine Love that has a Purpose, a Goal, beyond all other living matter.

It is sad when We hear The Commandments of The Father put in such a concise manner, dwindling Them down to one Word of Command, one Word of Meaning, that eliminates the reality that there is much more to what The Father would Command for the benefit of mankind’s Soul.

Compare this to what mankind oftentimes answers someone with on an important issue, one or the other words, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  This oftentimes leaves much doubt, misinformation, a lack of justice.  I could go on and on, on this subject.

The world has been given a Miracle of Divine Love, a Miracle of Enlightenment, structured to allow individuals of all degrees of intelligence to understand the Importance for which human life was created and that there is a Treasured, Precious Goal for it to live on Forever.  Granted, it’s not the human body, but common sense, logic in the human mind tells mankind there’s more to human life, and It’s called ‘the Soul’.

Logic should also say no human being is capable of creating all that is available to mankind to understand, to see, such as the stars, the moon, the sun, large areas of water called ‘oceans’.  This list is endless.  These things alone should tell mankind there is a Higher Being in Command, in Control.  So be it.”

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