ON SEPTEMBER 18, 1997 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

The educational facilities at this time in your time, are more physically comfortable than they are morally acceptable.

The Father, in so many ways, is using This Gift of His Divine Love, This Miracle of Hope, to instruct all ages of human life on the Importance of why He created human life, and what human life consists of that is above and beyond all other creations.

In the mentality of human life, there is an obvious understanding that human life has a distinction greater in concept than any other living thing.  First of all, mankind is innately understanding of the reasonability that a moral code of ethics is instilled in human life, that nothing else has.  This should encourage men, women and children of all ages, to practice purity of mind, body and Soul, due to the fact that man is so closely associated with God, the Connecting Link being a Portion of God, called ‘the Soul’.

This little one through whom We All speak is a connecting link to the Will of The Father, because of the Souls that are to be saved through the understanding of the individuals in whom They are placed at the moment of conception.

Human life is above all other creations.  This Gift of The Father’s Love bearing The Holy Spirit of Him, humanly called ‘Saint Joseph’, must spread rapidly before millions of Souls are lost.  So be it.”

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